ByChris Sturgill, writer at

I think this is just the beginning, because obviously the three will defeat Doomsday however only temporarily, due to his ability to comeback and not die the same way. This is where Aquaman will make a cameo as well, as another member of the justice league for the next movie which will force Lex to build his suit (getting cancer from kryptonite) and add joker to the mix, considering suicide squad is coming. I don't think Aquaman plays a role in this one, just setting up for a big fight like Avengers and Thanos. DC is a bit behind but brilliantly caught up bringing doomsday in this right away instead of waiting 6 movies in. I get Batman has been doing movies ever since Arnold announced how the dinosaurs died (as bad as Spawn) But, shit just got real with the top three uniting right away with battling Doomsday. SPOILER ALERT (The murderer of Superman every comic book fan knows). Add it all up and DC just caught up with Marvel in two movies. Great trailer! Now can MU & DC give us a real Civil War please and put Supes v Hulk, Bats v Cap, Ironman v Nightwing, Batwoman v Nat, hell, bring Dr Manhatten v Prof X, Ghost Rider not N Cage v John Constantine not K Reeves, in to face etc...


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