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First off, DAMN !!!

Secondly, if you haven't watched the whole show, stop reading, go watch the show first, then come back here. I wouldn't want to spoil some plot points for you, I'm going to try to not spoil anything but one can never be too careful. Without further ado, let's start.

So Jessica Jones is yet another Marvel show on Netflix, so some comparisons with Daredevil are going to appear. I'm going to be honest, I wasn't hyped at all for this show. I mean, I saw the trailer and I wasn't that into it, but I remembered that it's a Netflix show, same as Daredevil and that was amazing, so when JJ was finally available to stream I thought I'd give it go. And people, I'm so glad I did.

You see, Daredevil is gritty and serious but it still had some moments of levity, mainly because of Foggy. Jessica Jones, however, is not only gritty and serious but really dark, and when I say dark, I mean psychological thriller level of darkness. This show is character study. Daredevil still took time to examine the characters, like those flashback episodes for Matt and Wilson, but it never went as deep into the psyche as JJ does. DD was also more of a classic crime-drama with a more classic plot evolution and the stakes felt higher. JJ is just the story about a woman dealing with the man who destroyed her life. When you say it like that, it really sounds simple, but it isn't. I guess Marvel finally understood that we like the more scaled-down, personal stories. Don't get me wrong, I like the big movies too, but the smallest stories impact you most, in my opinion.

I just want to say Krysten Ritter was amazing as Jess. The first time I had seen her, was in Breaking Bad, and she didn't really sold me on the performance. But this, goddamn !

She's basically one of the most, if not the most badass female character I've ever seen on a TV show, along with Shaw from Person of Interest. The really cool thing about her character is that she's a hardass who's really mean to everyone around her (she even says it herself "Me ? I'm an asshole. So help me or get outta my way" ). She's also an alcoholic, so she's not really the kind of person you root for, but once you get a glimpse of her past you start to undertsand why she acts tough all the time. This man, Killgrave (a huge cunt if I may say) destroyed her internally. He made her do things she would've never done. So now, Jessica is on personal vendetta against Killgrave. Oh, and how can I talk about Killgrave without talking about David Tennant ?!

He owns the roll. And he's extremely funny too, but you feel kind of bad for laughing because the things he does are extremely aweful. I think he's the best villain the MCU has gotten so far, besides Wilson Fisk. It's kind of a shame for him to be dead, he was really amazing in my opinion. The thing is, Killgrave (or MurderCorpse like Jessica says in one episode) is a huge cunt. You think he's bad because he enjoys being bad, but once you see his younger self, and how was a lab-rat, you feel some sort of sympathy for him. He's still a horrible person though.

What more can I say, really ? If you like character-driven stories with good dialogue and psychological elements, you should definitely check Jessica Jones out.


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