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Well, just after a few days of Marvel launching the trailer of Civil War, DC has replied as well.

The second trailer of BvS: Dawn of Justice is out and it kinda raises a whole lot of worries about its success.While the Civil War trailer was intriguing and packed with intense emotions,the DC counterpart fails to reach that mark.


Frankly speaking, looks like Snyder didn't read the comics.BECAUSE SUPERMAN WAS F****G KILLED BY DOOMSDAY. And all that we see in the movie is a DC version of Abomination.Seriously Zack??..

Alone Batman could kill that version of Doomsday. The Doomsday we expected was someone who would have made us drop our jaws and pray for the Son of Krypton.But all we get is this guy.

2. Lex! Lex! Lex!

Even if this is Lex Luthor Jr, he looks way too immature and not to be feared even with his psychotic punch lines.We have seen Jesse do great but here he fails to deliver an impactful villain in DC universe. Its like they tried hard to make him fearsome and powerful but just like Doomsday, they Doomed the characters (see what I did there? :-D moving on)

3. Batman!!!!!!!!!!


The last trailer also showed a shot where Batman breaks a neck. HOW CAN MY HERO KILL?!?! ...That's the only rule that separates him from the herd. How can you let him kill people and hold guns and destroy all that what he stands for!! This not only angered the Dark Knight fans, they now see there hero look like a stuffed potato with a non-understandable growly voice which Bale did way better.

4. Jokes

Although this ain't a pressing issue for a superhero movie, it makes watching experience unbearable. Sure a fun part is needed but the trailer itself struggled to make us even smile slightly.I sincerely hope this does not go through the entire movie 'cause this breaks every buildup of seriousness they need for the movie. In the end of the trailer where we were supposed to be left awestruck, we have to leave with a sitcom joke that fails to appeal.

5. More movement,less meaning.

We all know how Man of Steel had unnecessary devastation and destruction. Just to show people that something amazing happens,Snyder chose to show only action and no intensity. This trailer has tons of hints that the movie might go the same way. Just loud action sequences and slamming and breaking of walls wont get the audience to leave the theater in awe.

I hope the movie does well but the trailer says otherwise.It has now raised concerns if it actually achieves what it was intended to achieve.

What do you think???


Will the movie live up to our expectations??


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