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Ever since I can remember, my dad always had good taste when it comes to music and movies. When I was little, Dad turn me on Metallica and told me to learn the words by heart. It was the same for the Star Wars saga. Every day, we acted dialogues characters.

At the beginning I did not like it, I preferred Barbie dolls. With time, I fell in love with all-night film seances and fighting with lightsabers. We even ordered the special swords from America and we felt like lords the galaxy.

One time, I was sleeping peacefully and Dad came in and said "Agata, I am your father". I was scared as I didn't know what happened, but after a while I sleepily replied "No."

Dad was always demanding, and one day asked me to create his T-shirt for the premiere because he didn't like this "shit from the shops". And that's how I started designing Star Wars graphics.

At first, he could not decide what character he'd like. Well, now he can walk every day in a different shirt! Friends saw the designs and they also wanted to have them, so I launched online sales here!

As for the graphics, I used the theme of double exposure. First I drew the contours of the characters and backgrounds in Illustrator later I added another layer in Photoshop at the end of the texture and you can see the effect. It was hard to match the background to the characters, but I think it worked out well.

For more graphics please visit the website or behance

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