ByTaylor McDermott, writer at
Taylor McDermott

Okay, so after seeing the new Batman v. Superman trailer released last night, I feel like it has changed the expectations of many superhero movie fans, in a good way. With Marvel Studios holding the box office in the palm of their hands it has definitely seemed like DC has been trying to make up something on-the-go to try and keep up. However, with the unveiling of Doomsday in last night's trailer, it looks as though Warner Bros. have found something original to themselves. I remember when I first saw the trailer, right when Batman looks at Superman and replies back, "I thought she was with you." my stomach jumped as I realized that this is going to be a much higher anticipated movie now. That being said, let's hope that the movie as well as the critics are as good as the hype is, because now I'm pumped about it. We have entered into the golden age of superheroes in cinema and we wouldn't want it to be one-sided (only Marvel) now would we? So what are your thoughts?? Do you think that Doomsday's appearance in last night's trailer upped the hype of the movie???


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