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Okay, so unless you've been living under a rock for the last twenty-four hours, you know that Doomsday will be in Batman v. Superman. If you haven't seen the trailer, go give it a quick look:

Now many people, including me, were initially bothered by the inclusion of Doomsday in this already packed film. At best, the fight scene will barely scratch the basic fabrics of how truly epic a fight with Doomsday could be. This Doomsday doesn't really look like his comic book counterpart (there's a big resemblance, but many of the rocky protrusions have been taken out), and, overall, it just seems like it will be impossible to give Doomsday the proper cinematic treatment he truly deserves.

But I've been thinking.

When I get thinking, I really bet thinking, and now I'm beginning to submerse myself into a parallel reality where I am in charge of the DC Cinematic Universe and control how things are handled. And to me, even though Doomsday will be in this movie, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Hear me out:

How I would handle Doomsday in the DC Cinematic Universe

So we already know he will be in Batman v. Superman, and here's to hoping that they don't jump the shark and have him kill Superman right off the bat, before the Justice League has even been established (for those of you who didn't know, Doomsday famously killed Superman in the best-selling graphic novel/comic run of all time, The Death of Superman). So, instead, lets say that in BvS, Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman stop Doomsday after a little bit of fighting, but nothing too major happens. The three heroes have now formed a team, and Doomsday is out of commission, locked up in some Kryptonian-resistant holding cell miles below the earth or something like that. Let's say that's how they handle it.

The thing is, in my dream reality, it will turn out that the Doomsday they fought was just an earlier carnation of the creature, weak and easily stoppable (he will be more like a freak lab experiment getting lose and being contained to prevent catastrophe). As a result, they lock him up in that cell, and we seemingly forget about him for a bit. We go on to other movies, see other things, and we forget all about him. Justice League Parts 1 and 2 role through, we have a few more superhero movies, etc., and we forget all about Doomsday, locked up in a cell and just waiting...

Then Man of Steel 2 is announced, and speculation runs rampant. Who will the villain be? Brainiac? Metallo? Bizarro? The world wonders, but they've all forgotten about Doomsday, who's just sitting there, waiting. No title is announced for the film, just an untitled Man of Steel sequel.

Then Comic Con rolls around, and DC throws a curveball by releasing a ten second teaser:

BOOM, that's it. We see a gloved fist punching a wall, with gloves giving way to stony protrusions and then the hand just flat-out punching through the wall. Three words flash on the screen: "Doomsday is coming."

The world goes crazy. They remember Doomsday, and they remember how disappointed they had been when Batman v. Superman failed to give such an intense villain the credit he deserved. But now they realize the set up, and they wonder: could it be true? Are they really going to do it? Are they really going to pull off the Death of Superman storyline?

Now you have to remember, at this point we have a well-established DC Universe. Superman will have been around for a long time, the Justice League will be established, and plenty of heroes will have had standalone films. You could bring in an ensemble of no-name actors to play side superheroes just to make the scale of the Justice League's breadth that much heftier. With the Cinematic Universe established, it finally makes sense: Superman really could die.

And that's exactly what happens. The movie comes out -- Doomsday, it would be named, or perhaps The Death of Superman (why not spoil the movie in the title, people would know anyways), and we would have one of the most direct comic book-to-movie adaptations ever, with the entire movie serving not only as a Man of Steel sequel, but essentially a Justice League 1.5.

Doomsday would no longer be this guy:

No, he'd be something more like this, having grown and adapted from his "baby form," I guess we could call it, to his "adult form." It's almost exactly like his comic book counterpart, except bigger and badder:

The story would play out just like the comic, with other members of the Justice League taking Doomsday on (Given how easily the Trinity took him out in BvS, they underestimate his abilities, and he easily kills many of them), a battle which ultimately culminates in what could be one of the most touching and inspirational and sentimental scenes in movie history, if handled correctly:

BOOM. As a result of Superman's sacrificial death, all the other heroes have a new drive and inspiration within them that sets off a whole new course of movies, with a bunch of standalone films of a seemingly disbanded Justice League, having separated because of the loss of their central figure.


At long last, another Justice League movie is announced, with a large ensemble cast slated to take on some villain like Darkseid or something. People speculate that Superman might return, but not much is said about it. The movie comes out and the team takes on Darkseid and it all seems fine...until the final scene. The scene pans to a statue of Superman, placed right behind his final resting place. It slowly zooms in and the camera goes through the ground, till at last we see the Man of Steel lying in his coffin, gaunt and lifeless, having been dead for quite some time (it could be argued that his Kryptonian DNA stopped him from, y'know....totally turning to dust and whatnot).

All of a sudden, his cheeks glow a bit, and we realize that they aren't glowing, but merely gaining some color -- warmth is radiating back into him somehow. Then, while still very lifeless looking, we see his eyes pop open and, as he gasps for her, the screen cuts to black. A single line of text reads: "The Justice League will return next year in..."

The Return of Superman

Yeah, you know where this is going.

So there you have it, that's how I would handle Doomsday and the DC Cinematic Universe going forward. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


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