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There are lot's of you gamer's unaware of gamings greatest game's, hey you ask some random teen or kid on the street if they ever played BattleZone or Ocarina of Time, and they would have no idea, I for one have played thousand's of game's, game's most of you never heard of, on every format imagined and these game's vary from old to new but they're a blast to play, so give it a try

so let's get started on my greatest gaming treasures list, im going to list all the formats of the games, and some are playable on emulator's

1 - Elite Beat Agent's (DS) fun and addictive rhyme game, with fun colors and interactive anime cut scenes make this a must for ds gamers

2 - Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64) a great and funny third person game, I've spent countless hours in the campaign and multi, this is one flawless retro

3 - GoldenEye 64 (N64) you love it I love it we all love it, a fun shooter with a great multiplayer, this has stood the test of time well

4 - Worms (PC\GBA\PS1) Worms is a great turned based game its a blast to play with friend's, and strategy is required so bring your brain along

5 - Red Faction 2 (PS2) red faction 2 was one of my first FPS multiplayer gaming experience's, and it is one of the greatest multiplayer game's to date with a great single player campaign as well

6 - Warhammer 40K:Dawn of War (PC) now I'm a huge strategy fan, and dawn of war top's the cake for me, it has great faction's\vehicle's

Weapon's and Map's I remember starting a LAN game between 4 people at 3:00pm and we would still be playing the game at 4AM in the morning, its a must for PC gamer's

7 - Burnout Revenge (PS2) Now I don't really play racer's but this is a racing game for Fan's and none fan's alike, the car handle great, the map's are awesome, and the takedown's are beyond word's, this racer is definitely worth your time

8 - Metal Gear Solid 3 Substance (PS2\PS3\VITA\360) sure we have MGS:V but MGS 3 is where its all at, great third person gameplay engaging enemy's and environment's and a great story,and let's not forget that awesome motorbike scene,

9 - Thr Half-Life Trilogy (PC\PS3\PC\360) I simply could not just add one half-life game, they're all great titles from start to finish, a neat story, great weapon's and character's, this is one of gaming's greatest FPS's,

10 - Bulletstrom (PC\PS3\360) now this is one of the best FPS game's out there, I'm talking combo's I'm talking space pirate's I'm talking freaking drill gun's that launch a projectile at the enemy and drill's straight through them, add a leash to the combo and its a Masterpiece

Definitely worth a look for all FPS Fan's out there,

11 - Unreal Tournament 2004 (PC) this is a FPS game that is a must for all PC gamer's the weapons the map's the game mode's are the greatest around, satisfying to play with friend's and alone,

12 - Age of Empire's 2 (PC\PS2) AOE is a great game for all strategy fan's its fun and a blast on either Online or local LAN networks

13 - The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time (N64) this is one of my best game's played to date, it never get's old and surpasses most new title's, this is a must for all gamer's out there what's not to love about this game

14 - Darksider's 2 (PS3\PS4\XO\360\PC\WiiU) this is one of the best if not the best third person hack n slasher I've played to date, awesome character's great combat, slick storyline, great side quest and bosse's and the dodge is the best, totally worth a look for any hardcore gamer who want a challenge,

15 - Command & Conquer:General's (PC) yet another great strategy game, full of awesome unit's, its worth a blast if you play over land

16 - Metal Gear Rising Revengeance (PS3\360) MGRR is yet another great third person Hack n Slasher, some viewed it as too much action focused for a MGS game, but it Pull's off sword play better then most game's I've player, a classic that's worth your attention

17 - Alien VS Predator (PC\360\PS3) this is another low reviewed game, though its worth a shot at any gamer that is a fan of stealth, that only aplys to the Predator campaign, the alien and human campaign's are great addition's but don't come close to toping the predator side, its a blast for any fan of FPS game's

18 - Prototype 2 (PC\360\PS3) another great third person stealth\action game, you actually fell like your playing something powerful, its a great game to play, come's close to Saint's Row IV in term's of gameplay,

19 - Saint's Row IV (PC\360\XO\PS4\PS3) the saints are back! And better then ever, this top's GTA V in term's of gameplay and story, GTA V has the upper hand in detail and environment, SR:IV is a awesome open world third person shooter,

20 - BioShock Infinite (PC\PS3\360) now BioShock is a great game one of the best game's out there, but infinite tops the original in term's of story\gunplay\gameplay\enemy's\ability's this game is near flawless and the ending will leave you in awe, a must for FPS fan's

21 - CyberDog's (DOS) this is retro in its best form, 2 player co-op, great map's and top down gameplay make this a must for retro geek's

22 - Ratchet & Clank (PS2\PS3\VITA) ratchet & clank are one of the best thing's to happen to PlayStation, one of gaming's favorite duo

This is a great third person platformer for all age's,

23 - 007 everything or nothing (PS2\XBOX\GC) this is probley the one of the best bond game's out there, 2nd to GoldenEye, EON is a third person shooter with great co-op mission's and awesome single player set piece's,

24 - Halo 1 (PC\XO\XBOX) the first halo was one of my favorite game's to date, with a great story a character's this is what started it all, halo at it prime in and its greatest form, top's Halo 5 this is a must for FPS fan's,

25 - Megaman Legend's (N64\PS1) I've replayed this game 3 time's, and it never got old, there's a charm about it that you don't find in most game's now day's, a masterpiece this is, and a great third person Shooter\RPG one of the best game's out there,

Well That's My Top 25 Game's, I will get to making more top list's in the future, leave a comment below on your though's and let me know what your favorite game's are. And follow me for future post on all thing's gaming


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