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Here's a real Reason, that the changes are going to be for the second season for Season 2 of GOTJ and it's all going to be revealed.

  • Back at 2013, according to Animation Magazine, that Teletoon will commission the New Season of George of the Jungle.
  • I've didn't find out till 2014, the show was in production, I thought it's going to be returning, but it isn't.
  • When the revival run was aired (in Europe), George and Magnolia were changed, George has now got muscles while Magnolia is feral and speaks in third person. Also Dr. Scott was dropped but his design was recycled to Dr. Chicago.
  • And when the Episode of George of the Jungle "Strange Daze/Lying Cloth" in English, was leaked from an anonymous uploader, and it's revealed that Not just George, not just Magnolia, Also Ape and Ursula were changed, not just in voices but also themselves. Ape has a British Accent, and Ursula's and Magnolia's names were changed. (Honestly, the name change is my pet peeve).

So the real reason of this article is...

This season is going to be make it like the 1967 Series. Before George and Ursula are married, before Dr. Chicago went in the city.


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