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How exciting!

I would be all exciting to see Neil playing the Riddler like that!

At first, I thought he would be in Christian bale's batman movie series,

but the way I heard about Ben Affleck playing the new edition of batman,

gets me all the exciting now. But, when I see this imagine:

"Gotham Uprising" Make up poster.
"Gotham Uprising" Make up poster.

I thought that if Christopher Nolan would keep up directing and

if Christian Bale would keep up playing batman, it would be cool

seeing Neil Patrick Harris playing Edward Nygma/Riddler.

Especially seeing Joseph-Gordon Levitt's character Tim Drake

starting Robin (Or Nightwing).

Batman & Robin.
Batman & Robin.

I would said I like to see Neil being the Riddler in a Batman Franchise

in a new batman movie!

The Riddler.
The Riddler.

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