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Hello, this is a spoiler so if you never seen gravity falls plz watch season 1 & 2 before you read this(btw this is my first story)

So, we (a week ago) just saw the new gravity falls escape from reality it was great. know we know that bill cipher can not escape from gravity falls so they can not go world wide.

THANK JESUS they cant go out of the boarder of gf.if they did this will be bad. I just saw a commercial for gf werid meggedon 3!!!! i saw a flag that said "save the falls" or somethin like that. i didint want to go out of subject. so as i was talking about why couldent get out the boarder of gf. but bill is going to bring great unkle ford out of "retirement" so i will show you a clip.... plz click on link it will show into and scene...

or copy and paste it that will probly work:)

so you see????????

there will be werd mgdon. prt. 3 in sometime in 2016 i hope it will be really early like the 2nd or something caus ei cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hope that they will solve mysteries!!!

falls +awesome


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