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Hillbilly Horror

About two years ago, Blu de Golyer and Bo Keister decided to create a show that would bring a fresh, comedic twist to the horror-hosted series' of old. Not only did they resurrect a subset of the horror genre that had died long ago, but they managed to launch a hilarious series that is spreading like a brush fire!

In less than 24 fast-paced months, the Hillbilly Horror Show team has not only put 4 volumes in the can, but they've also seen those volumes launch worldwide on numerous platforms, such as Amazon Prime, Google Play, YouTube, and Indieflix. Now the comedy series takes it's biggest step yet by launching on their two biggest platforms to date: iTunes and VUDU!

To celebrate, they are also giving one lucky fan a chance to win an iPad! Simply visit the CONTEST tab on their Facebook page. Register for the Hillbilly Horror Show newsletter, and you're entered to win!

Be sure to check out Hillbilly Horror Show on your favorite streaming platform today, and be sure to rate & review! Don't forget to follow along on Twitter as well: @HillBillHorror


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