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Love horror movies? Love video games? Well, you're gonna love this! Leatherface has officially been added to the Mortal Kombat roster as a guest character. Here are three words that sum up my feelings about this killer news!

1. Shock

I honestly thought Michael Myers would be the next big horror icon for Mortal Kombat X, so Leatherface came as a complete surprise! I'm guessing that even if Ed Boon (creator of Mortal Kombat) wanted Myers to be in the game, he would've had a hard time getting him because of his rights belonging to another company. Jason, Freddy Krueger, and Leatherface however, are all owned by the same people.

Sorry Mike, maybe next time!

2. Excitement

So what if I can't pit Michael against Jason like I wanted to? Leatherface looks more than promising. He also appears true to the original movie, which is another major plus. Another thing I'm really digging is his seemingly psychotic, crazy, and unpredictable fighting style.

The Xenomorph from Alien is also in the game. Which means we can pit him against the Predator! And if you're familiar with the Mortal Kombat franchise, then you'll be equally excited for not only Bo Rai Cho, but also Cyrax and Sektor. Both of whom look to be fused into one character. Awesome.

3. Impatience

I'm really excited to see how his fighting moves will play out, what his fatalities will look like, and how they'll fit his story into the Mortal Kombat universe. Most importantly though, I want to see how he'll fare against the almighty Jason!


Are you excited to see Leatherface and the other guest characters in Mortal Kombat X?


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