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Hey guys I'm back! I've been busy. Let's talk Batman vs Superman! The reception of this trailer was... mixed! You either loved it or hated it (disappointed in a way). Yes, there were grey areas, but you get the picture. Here's my video on the matter.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room! Did they show too much... YES THEY DID!

Doomsday Reveal!

I'm fine with Doomsday look, but the problem is they revealed his look. The marketing for the movie was smart. It was a legit VS movie and from the beginning of this trailer it was. They basically showed the big brute they need to face. As for the No spikes...

Yeah. Not only did the reveal him, but they also reveal the team up in the end (I think).

That is one awesome shot though! Getting back on track, the aspect of the VS theme was literally destroyed (kind of). This trailer shows that they resolve their issues. If you watch Collider Movie Talk, Kristian Harloff said it best! It's no longer a Batman vs Superman trailer, it's the [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) trailer. Yes, yes this trailer is basically the synopsis of the film.

HOWEVER, the marketing was the thing that was a great strategy. The Son of Krypton vs The Bat of Gotham.

Now, people will tell you that this latest Batman vs Superman trailer was made for the average movie goer, or the people who aren't sold on the concept of Batman fighting Superman. It was still there, but now that's also an after thought to some people.

Bad CGI?

I didn't have much of a problem with the CGI, but people have a lot to say about it. They say it's unfinished and they had a more than a year to fix.

Civil War Comparison!

I have critiques with both, Civil War was the better cut trailer. Granted, this is the first trailer for Civil War, but the 4th trailer for BvS counting the teasers. When it comes to CGI, someone said Marvel had Lucas film and Disney backing them up (I'll research it further). Watch the video to get more of my opinion.

Too Much Going On?

Probably. I'd say they could've dialed back on the scenes. Use the MoS flashbacks, the big fight between Batman and Superman, and hint at Doomsday. Now the overcrowded argument can be used because the trailer wasn't as focus as the SDCC trailer.

Final Verdict

Overall, the trailer was good, but not great. It could've been much better. I can't believe they released this trailer 4 months away like this. They needed to keep the "going to war" aspect. The beginning should've been the entire tone (it was most of it, but the trailer could've been cut better), however, I listened to some other people. They said the trailer didn't "lie" to us, it told you exactly what the film is. That's an interesting way to look at it. Honestly, I would've critiqued it myself anyway, but the criticism left a bad taste.

So in a way, the Batman vs Superman's momentum was slowed down, but it doesn't mean the movie won't make major money. Maybe they should've pulled the trailer for next year viewing. This trailer gave people a reason to hate this movie and it doesn't need that. I'll talk much more on this later.

So what do you think about this? The trailer give away too much? Was the film's momentum slow down? Leave a comment below?

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