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Re-watch Man of Steel in December of 2015? Excited for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Let me start this post off by simply saying “we are spoiled." I remember going to see the first X-Men movie and being awe-struck of seeing my second favorite Saturday cartoon on the big screen. I enjoy reading almost any comic book related article (I am sick of click-bait shit) that tries to give a fresh opinion. Also I realize that we the fans made these movies possible by sheer volume of ticket sales. Yet I still argue that we are spoiled by the quality and the budget that these studios are attempting.( BvS over 400 mil. allegedly)

I am a Superman fan, he is my fifth favorite hero behind Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, Batman, and Captain America. Why do I bring this topic up?(Besides to give you a list of my favs) I did not enjoy Captain America: The First Avenger until I saw The Winter Soldier. After watching the Cap in all these other movies, I have an appreciation for his origin that is deserved. I still to this date thought Man of Steel was PRETTY good( no Batman Begins). I agree with the whole porn destruction term, because I have no clue what else to call all that damage(besides damage!) . My biggest problem with Man of Steel (besides the lame dialogue) was that Clark Kent is the sole reason why all those people died in Metropolis. When Clark engages the Genesis Chamber a beacon is sent out to that duty-bound Zod and he comes hither. This is what really pissed me off about the movie that David Goyer and Zach Snyder made him responsible ( I hope we get a total body count in BvS) for all that damage. Imagine if Dr. Emil Hamilton was one to start the space ship? ( They could've work that in the narrative.) This means all the destruction in Smallville and Metropolis was Superman protecting the people of earth from their own worst nightmare instead of being the cause of the damage. I wonder if this is what sat so poorly with all the DC haters or they’re just haters. Also I would like to add this is the DCEU origin of Man of Steel and letting his father die in that tornado when he all ready showed his powers off in middle school is just plain lazy. In the defense of the destruction , how easy you think taking Zod down is? Also where would Superman put Zod? The only choice he he had was to snap his neck and scream awkwardly. Like I mentioned earlier I did not like Captain America all that well at first, so hopefully people will (what am I saying ? Everybody will still hate, hate, and hate) watch Dawn of Justice and re-think the Man of Steel. Side note ( I think Gal Gadot looks the part, let's hope she can act it?)


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