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The recent Batman v Superman trailer dropped last night, and as it should, broke the Internet and sent it into a frenzy. But the critical reception of this particular trailer was rather... mixed. Some loved the trailer, saying it was epic; others thought it was good but revealed a bit too much, and of course there was the negative responses saying it wasn't very good. One thing that has been universally agreed on so far is that the trailer was very different from that last two we've gotten. As much as I'm a fan of this trailer and of course the film, I can wholeheartedly agree this trailer was very different in terms of footage, tone, etc. There is a reason for this and the simple reason is because this wasn't a trailer for us fans, like the last two, it was a trailer for the general public. Why was it a trailer for the general public? Here's you answer.

Tonal Shift/More Action

One of the many complaints – excuse my harshness – entitled fanboys have is that the trailer was lighthearted and had a lot more humor than the previous trailer, and was a little more action oriented. Many fans were displeased with this and went into a frenzy saying DC is becoming Marvel and such and such. Here's the harsh reality folks: this trailer wasn't meant for us hardcore fans of this stuff anymore. We had our time with the last two previous trailers that were released, as they fit the tone that many DC fans expected the movie to have and was much more drama based. Well, that time is over and it's time for Warner Bros. to start to market this film to the general audience who – with a lack of a better word – don't give as much of a crap about this kind of stuff as we do. They don't follow this stuff like we do, and honestly what will make this movie a box-office success is the general audience, not the fans. The tone needed to shift in order to assure families that this movie won't be "too dark" to take their young ones to see. It needed to "show a lot" in order to sell this film as a blockbuster of 2016 and not some movie only targeting a specific audience. This is why the Marvel movies are so successful; their audience is everyone, and that is why they usually generate a crap ton of cash. BvS needed to have this type of trailer to sell it to the general audience.

Marketing buzz entering next year

Another reason why this trailer was designed for the general public is because it's the holiday season. I know Star Wars is the king of this month but showing this type of trailer during the release of Star Wars can easily generate the interest of many people and could have some early buzz going into next year. As Batman v Superman starts it final marketing push in the beginning of next year, having some already early buzz about this film could do wonders. And I mean wonders...

Jimmy Kimmel

The Jimmy Kimmel show is a show that a lot of people watch and is probably a show that a good number of the general audience watch, too. So, having a superhero show being promoted on a show with a lot of viewers makes a lot of sense and could get people talking about the film. The trailer was broadcast on national television rather than having it appear online like the last two previous trailers did. Warner Bros. obviously wanted to expand its audience and demographic by making this move instead of releasing it online. Smart decision if you ask me.

All in all, as a comic book film fan and a hardcore DC guy, I want this film to succeed and start a plethora of awesome DC movies for years to come. But I know that the comic book fan community is such a small demographic that it's really up to the general public to be interested enough to see these films. The name brand of Batman and Superman sells, yes, and that's enough for any fan of this particular genre to check out. But the average person probably needs to see a lot more in order to get a ticket to see this movie. It's logical that we saw the villain of the movie and the iconic team up of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. It showed the public that it isn't just a Batman and Superman movie where they exchange blows throughout the whole film, but much, much more. Now I'm sure future marketing will obviously shift between tones and such. But the bottom line is this: if DC fans and comic fans in general want this movie to be excellent and make tons of money, market the hell out of this to the general audience.

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