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Hi all! My name is Victor Abarca. I'm the creator of UNKNOWN BASTARDS ® comic.
Victor Abarca

It is a work that tells the reflections on the creative process between the author and Edgar Allan Poe.

It combines narrative schemes that could qualify as classics close hallucinatory dream sequences to introspection, the result is a captivating graphic novel, full of symbolism and full of readings.

The protagonist lives between two worlds and not decided by any, since he does not know which of the two is real, reflected in the talks between Spanish and English, somehow or other the protagonist aspires to the contemplation of truth through case ... using hilarious love story of a life, which apparently has not lived.

It's a graphic novel plagued by evocative images and masterfully achieved reflect an unhealthy, obsessive and self-destructive existence embodied in a variety of colors and shapes and accompanied by quite oparticular typographical arrangement, combined with images, it works as a beautiful nightmare.

With respect to the author ... "supposed to deepen the search for alternative explanations to reality ... a reality that we do not know how real it is."

The Dialogue --------- ™Digital Copy/ c 2015 Victor Abarca Lizana

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