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Spoilers...... Ultimate Spider-Man Comic

In the Ultimate Comics by Bendis, the death of Peter Parker and emergence of Miles Morales was an emotional ride. I am not one quick to tears but when that little girl ask Aunt May if she was Spider-Man mommy? Jeepers no... I am not..... Awwww.......

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One question is how do you make that emotional moment in the comic and translate to the big screen? Also end up not killing Peter? In the MCU Peter is going to fight Thanos ( without a doubt and he might be the only one to remember everything) and if he was smart he say goodbye to his aunt. I highly doubt this would be on a whim and he be back by supper. Kevin Feige reported he is fifteen years of age! By his first solo movie he more than likely be a ripe year older and another one for Infinity Wars. This means he will be around for about three years and that is enough time to become a legend in the MCU. I mean look at Daredevil what he did in however long that show took place.

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So Peter will be..... Screw it still very young. After the trauma with Thanos, Peter might want take an extended holiday. This is where Miles and how freaking awesome if they threw in the ultimate Jessica Drew. In the duration of a year he is absent and returns and becomes gravely injured on TV. Also for added drama the person who Spidey was trying to save when injured was an all ready suped up Miles ( scared of his powers daddy issues). The people at Marvel could do a very quick origin with Miles and his Uncle Prowler.

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The villain that would of attacked the Spider-Men "Carnage or Venom". The best thing about this Miles can help Peter heal from the traumatic events after Miles goes after the bad guy and Peter saves him. They could show the two bonding over being teenage heroes. Also with two Spider-Man, twice the toys. I love both of them and I cannot get over how badass this would be. Also this could possibly mean Miles could drop by in a Ms. Marvel movie. (Dreams) Finally this would allow Peter to tackle global threats ( at 18 maybe?) and Miles to be your friendly.... You know what If they truly want to make it epic let Jessica come from somewhere and have her help after she thinks Peter's dead. ( No origin though let it be on Netflix if Ike and Kevin ever gets along.) That is my rant how you might work the Spider-Family in without making a cinematic 1610-universe. I know, I know wishful thinking!


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