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After Frozen broke box office records for animated movies, it was no surprise to anyone when Disney ordered a sequel. Naturally, anticipation is high for Frozen 2, and fans are expecting the next movie to be just as awesome as the first. Of course, this is a pretty tall order, and with current estimations putting the sequel's release at around 2018, we'll have to wait a while before we find out what happens next.

Director Chris Buck and writer Jennifer Lee have assured fans they're hard at work devising the best possible follow up to Frozen, but the story itself will take some time to write.

"We have an overall idea, a concept, which I think is a very strong one. Iā€™m very excited about doing it."

So what would we like to see in Frozen 2? After the first film adapted the Hans Christian Andersen novel The Snow Queen, we'd love to see Frozen 2 draw elements from Scandinavian and Nordic fairy tales, to expand the mythology of this magical world.

Enchanting Creatures & New Characters

Elsa and Anna explore new fairy tales
Elsa and Anna explore new fairy tales

Fairy tales are filled with weird and wonderful creatures, especially Scandinavian and Nordic tales. Frozen gave us the trolls, inspired by Icelandic myths. We don't know much about the plot of Frozen 2, only that the characters will embark on a new adventure. It's a pretty safe bet to assume that they'll set off on some sort of mission or quest, to stop the story from getting anchored in one place too long. So here's some creatures we would love for the characters to encounter along the way...


The Fossegrimen, or Neck, are nymph-like creatures who reside in waterfalls and make beautiful music all day long. In exchange for a hot meal, the Fossegrimen will offer advice to travelers, as they posses much wisdom and many secrets. They're usually male, and occasionally like to drown passers by (they would also dance naked in front of travelers that offended them!) This would be an interesting magical creature for Elsa and Anna to encounter on their journey, and if the Neck tried to drown them, Elsa could trap him in the waterfall by turning it to ice!


Huldra are seductive female spirits who lure travelers to their deaths!

Painting by keikomorigi on deviantArt
Painting by keikomorigi on deviantArt

Could Kristoff be tempted away by these sadistic creatures, only to be saved by Elsa and Anna? They had better get to him soon, as the Huldra take their prey down into deep cave systems, before sucking the life force out of them!


Similar to Frozen's trolls, the Huldufolk are hidden creatures from Icelandic mythology who are believe to live in rocks. They have pale blue skin and are very beautiful, and they journey between our world and their fairy dimension. The creatures feature in many myths, and are usually benevolent. It would be fantastic to see Elsa, Anna, and the others journey to a fairy land, maybe to help out their Huldufolk friends!


Askeladden, or Ash Lad, is a figure from Scandinavian mythology. Similar to the Germanic Cinderella, Ash Lad is the youngest child of a big family, who was forced to pick through the ashes and clean the house, and is generally looked down upon. In many stories, when he and his brothers set off on a quest, the other brothers fail while Ash Lad's quick and innovative thinking saves the day.

Ash Lad sets off on adventure
Ash Lad sets off on adventure

This character would be a great addition to the Frozen 2 cast, and would also serve to tie the story in to classic Scandinavian mythology.

But what should the story of Frozen 2 be?

A New Fairy Tale!

Just as Frozen played fast and loose in adapting Hans Christian Andersen's source story, it's probably best if Frozen 2 builds on another fairy tale to create a new story. There are several fairy tales from Nordic lore that would work well for this...

Geirlug The King's Daughter

You can read a long version of the story here, but to sum up: a king and a queen lost their baby son Grethari when a dragon carried him to a faraway kingdom. There, Grethari was raised by another king and queen, along with the king's daughter Geirlug. Naturally, the queen was an evil stepmother, and soon poisoned the king. Geirlug knew magic, and turned herself into a whale to escape (with Grethari as her fin). The evil queen turned herself into a shark, and the two battled their way across the oceans before the queen was eventually killed by Geirlug. Then, Geirlug and Grethari fled into the forest.

Grethari and Geirlug flee into the forest
Grethari and Geirlug flee into the forest

Grethari and Geirlug find their way to Grethari's home, but when they get there Grethari forgets Geirlug due to magical circumstances. Geirlug ends up joining a family in the woods and working as a milkmaid, before she and her new sisters are invited to Grethari's wedding to someone else. Using her magic, Geirlug manages to get Grethari to remember her, and he marries her instead.

Of course, this is a self contained story, but what if Geirlug is friends with Elsa and Anna? Could the Frozen gang join forces with the magical princess to defeat her evil stepmother? It would be great to see the characters journey somewhere new, and help fight a new enemy.

Exciting New Adventure

Whatever the creative team have planned, we're sure that Frozen 2 will be a fantastic story. Here's hoping they use the story to explore other Nordic folklore, expanding the mythology and taking the characters on new adventures!

So what would you like to see happen in Frozen 2? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

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