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(Warning - the following contains discussion of at least one potentially substantial SPOILER for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - albeit one largely based on the recently released trailer. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests is wise...)

Now, the arrival of the latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer may have been greeted with more than a little hesitance by some fans – with much of the criticism leveled at the fact that we now know pretty much the entire plot of the movie – but heck, it sure was entertaining. I mean... just look at it:

One moment, though, inevitably drew more attention than all the rest – the unveiling of a villain up-till-now only rumored to be appearing in the movie: Doomsday.

Who, it seems, is not only set to appear in the movie – but will be taking on a noticeably different look to the one he has traditionally rocked in the comic books. Comic book Doomsday tends to look a little less like the relatively smooth monster up above, and a little more like this:

In fact, the presence of large, prominent spikes sticking out of the villain's head is such an iconic part of his look, that he eventually evolved, in the New 52, into being more spikes than anything else...

For some fans, then, this new on-screen Doomsday was... a little lacking.

And so an intrepid Imgur-er set out to fix that perceived fault, and to restore the cinematic Doomsday... a state more closely resembling his comic book origins...

...which, in fairness, is pretty fundamentally awesome.

The main question that raises, though?

Is That Fan-Made Image A Glimpse Of The Doomsday We'll Eventually See In 'Batman v Superman'?

It's entirely possible that we're set to see a similar evolution on screen to that which took place in the comic books – one in which Doomsday changes from his original, fairly but not completely spiky appearance (as seen back in the iconic Death of Superman event, above) to a more completely spiked one, as has been seen more recently. After all, if the villain's spikes are, as in the comics, an adaptive defense mechanism, it seems plausible that he could simply get more heavily spiked as his battle with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman goes on.

Which, for those fans out there disappointed by Doomsday's current, curtailed look, would presumably solve the problem nicely.

What do you think, though?

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