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This is one for the horror fans! NetherRealm have finally revealed who will be joining the Mortal Kombat X roster next month. It's a monstrous cacophony of teeth and brawn!

In a surprise addition to last nights Game Awards, NetherRealm revealed that the next 4 kombatants to join the Mortal Kombat X party will be the Xenomorph from the Alien series, Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Bo Rai Cho a drunken fist fighter and Tri-Borg, a sort of amalgamation of Cyrax, Robot Smoke and Sektor.

It would seem that NetherRealm are crashing Mortal Kombat X into the next generation of gaming pop culture with all out awesomeness. That is now an official word when it comes to Mortal Kombat X.

Come January 2016, players will be able to step into the shoes of the purest evil as these four monsters hit the scene.

Leatherface will be one powerful player - he will be playable complete with chainsaw. Various skin variables may relate back to the movies, ranging from the cult classic all the way up to the most recent edition.

Wouldn't it be super cool for Leatherface to take another kombatants face off and wear it as a mask when he wins a fight!?

The Alien will be one of the game's fastest and strongest kombatants when it comes to melee attacks. Powerful claws and a snappy double jaw - this monster will overwhelm its opposition in a matter of seconds. It would also appear that this particular Xenomorph is equipped with similar wrist blades as the Predator - even the odds much!? And don't forget that this outer space renegade certainly has a sting in it's tale.

The last Kombat Pack was priced at around $30 dollars - it can be expected that this pack will be similar in price.

Mortal Kombat X is bringing all the greatest aspects from previous Mortal Kombat games and popular horror culture and crashing them all together in one epic edition of fighting fury.

Mortal Kombat X has been at the forefront of gore since it's release last year. Each new character and each new DLC brings with it an all new level of blood and mutilation. This next Kombat Pack will not be one to shy away from that gruesome premise.

With characters like Leatherface and Alien ripping their way through the roster I think that we can almost guarantee a stomach churning visceral experience like no other.

So no Krueger and no Spawn this time round - but we do have Alien and Leatherface! Are you happy with the new Kombat Pack selection?

Prepare to re-enact some seriously iconic battles come January next year.

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