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Back in January of this year, an unsuspecting commenter on an article discussing 2 Japanese hostages whose lives were in danger from ISIS, became a breakout internet star.

The juxtaposition of an every day, regular looking lady and her hardcore provoking comments became an obsession for the internet community. Many memes of Linda Glocke were then created and the joke experienced much circulation throughout the Internet.

The Daily Dot has done some research behind the unsuspecting Internet star and suspicions have been raised regarding the very existence of this terrorism fighter. To confess, I'm not sure many fans of Linda ever really believed in her authenticity as a credible and real person.

I'll go into the evidence which suggests that Glocke is in fact a fictional dream that only exists in the cyber sphere.

On the global comment system 'Disqus' (through which Linda made her famous 'ISIS comment'), there are actually two accounts both using the same profile picture; 'linda_glocke' and 'linda_glocke_1'.

'Linda_glocke' seems to post less troll-like and reactionary comments, praying for victims of said news report, or reacting to a celebrity's lack of clothing or sexual flaunt with a mild projection of judgmentality.

'Linda_glocke_1' however is much more provocative. This is the viral Linda, a heroine of social media and memes.

When The Daily Dot looked up Linda on Facebook, there was no-one with a similar appearance, and when consulting Whitepages, the two Linda Glockes that came up were both over 60-years old.

When doing a reverse image search on Linda's famous face you get back to a very old blog about teaching cardio to medical students at the Patan Academy of Health Sciences in Nepal. The blog was written by Carol-Ann Courtney who is an associate Professor at the University of British Columbia Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences.

The people in the photo around "Linda" were all early morning trekkers who were there to watch the sunrise over the Langtang range.

The next logical step was of course to see if a Linda Glocke was known at the Patan Academy of Health Sciences, even if the 'ISIS fight Linda' is known to work in public relations. As you can expect, there was no Linda listed.

So this is where the whole situation gets confusing. Even if 'linda_glocke_1' is an obvious troll account, what does this mean about the more credible 'linda_glocke' account for whom we can find no real person?

Did someone just use a random picture with a random name to retain internet anonymity?

Has a random woman who isn't called Linda Glocke had her face turned into one of 2015's biggest memes? Is she even aware of her own legacy?


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