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Gotta catch'em all--leviosa?

I'm sure there is one thing you've always wanted to know, a question that has kept you awake at night; what would happen if the Pokémon world had a baby with the Potterverse?

Well ask no more, our question has been answered! The guys over at Dorkly have made some fantastic illustrations depicting creatures we all know and love from Harry Potter as Pokémon.

Hungarian Horntail

Can you imagine Harry flying on his broomstick trying desperately to throw a Pokéball at this thing during the Triwizard tournament?


Neville chopped of her head and now she looks even cooler!


A Pokémon that changes form depending on the trainer is probably the coolest thing ever.


Of course Mandrake is a grass type!


If I had a child I would definitely make sure they had a Pokeflute before they embarked on their adventure.

Whomping Willow

This is fantastic! I wonder if it comes with that handy off-button the Whomping Willow had.

If you want to check out the rest of these, head on over to this article at Dorkly.

Source: Dorkly


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