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In case you didn't get the memo, there's currently a hot rumor going around that Peter Jackson is planning on adapting The Silmarillion to the big screen.

The Silmarillion is a complex book with many different characters and storylines, so it would be a very ambitious project (read more about that here). Some of the characters in The Silmarillion we already know: the wizards! And we would love to see them back on the big screen. Unfortunately, Christopher Lee passed away earlier this year, so he wouldn't be able to revisit his role as Saruman. Besides, The Silmarillion happens thousands of years before the events in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, so I figured there's no harm in fan casting someone a bit younger and tap into those hot wizard feels. I know they were sent to Middle Earth looking like wise old men, but this is a fan cast and the rules don't apply!

Gandalf the Grey - Eddie Redmayne

He's already playing a wizard in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them so I have no doubt this Oscar-winning actor could portray a young Gandalf.

Saruman the White - Tom Hiddleston

Can this please be a thing? Like, now?

Radagast the Brown - Iwan Rheon

I would love to see Iwan take on a less sadistic role than Ramsay Bolton, so Radagast the Brown should work perfectly for him.

Remember Radagast from The Hobbit?

Alatar the Blue - Idris Elba

The Blue wizards are quite mysterious and not much is known about them. Here's Idris Elba as one of them, something I never knew I wanted until I saw this picture. Forget about James Bond, Idris was clearly born to play Alatar the Blue.

Pallando the Blue - Charles Michael Davis

Charles Michael Davis does a fantastic job playing a charming vampire on The Originals, so jumping from one fantasy project to another shouldn't be a problem for him.


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