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Let me just get this out there; I am a DC Comics fan since I was young. Over the years I started to follow Marvel, but not as much as I do with DC. When Marvel started their shared universe, I was overjoyed. Superheroes that were only possible on paper were coming to life right before my eyes. I love the Marvel movies, don't get me wrong. They're well directed and well acted. If it weren't for the success of the first Iron Man, I doubt we would've had the Avengers.

Before I bore you with Marvel talk, let's switch the subject to the new fish in the ocean that's trying their hand at a cinematic universe; the DC Extended Universe or whatever the hell you want to call it. When I heard that Superman was getting another film back in 2011 or so, I was skeptical. After that snooze fest Bryan Singer gave us, I had no idea what to expect.

Each day I looked on message boards, news articles, anything I could get a read on about this new Superman. For months I couldn't find a damn thing. Until finally, they released the first photo of Henry Cavill as the Man Of Steel. I was taken away by the photo. The seriousness that Cavill had on his face gave me hope for the new film. I followed the film until its' initial release in June of 2013. I went to the midnight release and then later on that day again. I loved Man of Steel despite what others may say. It isn't a perfect film, but to me it was.

Man Of Steel is a very good film in my opinion because it showed a realistic tone to Superman. A Superman where people aren't all happy about his presence. Let's face it, if there was an alien like Superman here, we would be fucking scared. I liked the direction they were going with this universe and I have been fully behind Warner Bros. every step of the way.

Comic Con 2014; the year my childhood took its' first steps to becoming a reality. Batman and Superman was announced. I jumped off my chair and ran around like a crazed out meth addict. BATMAN AND SUPERMAN were FINALLY in a movie TOGETHER. I followed every piece of news that followed. Every casting choice, every supposed plot detail leaked, whatever it was; I followed it. I can't remember the last time I have ever followed a movie so closely.

Fast forward to this year, where we have gotten trailers from the movie; a teaser and two trailers. I watched each one until my eyes began to bleed. I love each trailer. I cannot wait for this movie to come. I don't care about hate this movie gets because people are going to see it anyway! They may say, "Oh Jesse Eisenberg this," or, "Ben Affleck that," or, "Gal Gadot that." THOSE HATERS ARE GOING TO SEE THIS MOVIE EITHER WAY.

The latest trailer they released was fucking spectacular, in my opinion. I was out with friends when I saw the trailer on my phone. I nearly flipped the table in front of me from joy. The banter between Clark and Bruce, Lex's witty response to Lois, to the Trinity shots were mind blowing. I was already sold on this movie since it was announced, but what really made me freak out was when they showed Doomsday. My jaw dropped to the floor. "Holy shit," I thought to myself. I was afraid for Superman at that point. "Is he going to die?," I asked myself. I'm so curious as to how they're going to handle this boss battle that I can't stop imagining which ways it could go. Will Superman die? Will he live? I don't know until this movie is released.

Right after the trailer, I replayed like anyone else. Afterwards, I went into the comments section because I wanted to see people's thoughts. I wasn't shocked to see the war between DC and Marvel fanboys. I wasn't because there's always that one asshole that has to start, right? What really caught my eye though was how many people were angered that the trailer supposedly showed too much. I thought to myself for awhile and understood their concern. It could've held back a little, but then I had another thought. I didn't hear people bitching and moaning about the Avengers Age of Ultron trailers. Those trailers were fucking showing literally everything. They blew their load and no one moaned. It was swept under the rug like nothing happened. When DC does it, probably not intentionally, everyone grabs their pitchforks and torches. Why does Marvel get a pass and DC doesn't? Don't give that, "Marvel's been at this longer than DC!" I'm talking about trailers not movies. Why did AoU get a hush-hush while DC got pitchforks?


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