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It looks like we're set to get another remake of the 1941 horror, The Wolfman. Screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski has confirmed that the new remake has a release date – although it won't be until 2018.

The original, starring Lon Chaney, Jr, influenced may future depictions of the werewolf and produced four sequels. Lon Chaney, Jr. was the only actor to portray the same character through each of its movies.

Benicio del Toro only howled his way through the role in the 2010 remake, so the announcement of another incarnation is surprising. However, Prisoners writer Guzikowski has confirmed fundamentally the plots will be different; 2010's version was set in 1891, whereas 2018's version taking place in modern day.

It's safe to say the change of direction is necessary – del Toro's unkempt and upright wolf was poorly received, and didn't even recuperate its budget of $150 million.

Universal Monsters

This is the third recent reboot of the Universal monsters franchise, following on from Dracula Untold, which was released last year, and The Mummy, which was announced for 2017.

Any new additions or remakes will share a universe, which opens up tons of possibilities for new franchises. Will they work though? That's the question. None of the recent retellings have been particularly successful. That being said, with a writer like Guzikowski on board, things could be promising.

The release date for The Wolfman is March 30, 2018.

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