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Victor Frankenstein stars James McAvoy as the titular mad scientist himself who believes he can make death a temporary condition. Along with his new found partner Igor played by Daniel Radcliffe the two set out to create life and change the world.

Victor Frankenstein is really the story of Igor, the story is seen through his eyes and he's the character we're supposed to connect with as McAvoy's Frankenstein is a bit larger than life and not as easy to empathize with. Igor begins as a nameless hunchback in the circus, who is rescued and transformed by Frankenstein because he sees what great potential he really has. Victor introduces him to high society, science and his own wonderful potential.

For a decent while, Victor Frankenstein is a lot of fun. It's got a good sense of humor, great pace and fantastic chemistry between Radcliffe and McAvoy. Although it does feel like a Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes rip off, it worked for a good while as a fresh new take on the age old tale. But when the pair's first experiment comes alive, the film drastically slowed down and proceeding's became awfully predictable. This is the Frankenstein story we all know, it really doesn't do much more with the property which is a shame because the first half felt impressively fresh.

McAvoy and Radcliffe are great together, they played off of each other excellently and both fit the roles they're given. McAvoy has great fun chewing up the scenery as the larger than life mad scientist and Igor plays the more sympathetic role.

The two start out by re-animating body parts, but unbeknownst to Igor, Victor has actually been assembling these parts together. The first 'monster' is an unsuccessful experiment, but Victor is sure that he can really crack the code and create a life. So he and Igor get drunk one night and design the towering creature that we all know is Frankenstein's Monster. We all know how that experiment goes and the film climaxes with a battle between the pair and the monster they regretfully created. The final act switches up the tone drastically and becomes a dark, horrific fight for survival with almost none of the fun that the first act had.

Like I said earlier, for a while the film seems fresh and fun and I was having a good time with it, but when the film transforms into the more classic story that we all know, it became boringly predictable, a sub plot about a wealthy man funding Frankenstein's mad experiment felt like an afterthought and wasn't really necessary to the story, also a sub plot involving Victor's father just felt like unneeded additional material.

This is far from being one of the year's worst films, it is fun for a while, but ultimately becomes quite forgettable. I can't recommend Victor Frankenstein simply on the basis that it doesn't do much new with the property, it has a fun set up but a rather lackluster payoff.

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