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The most liked Instagram images of 2015 have been unveiled as an early Christmas list, and the list is entirely dominated by fierce females, unless you count a brief cameo appearance from Calvin Harris.

Surprisingly, Kim Kardashian was beaten by her younger half sisters but didn't make the list once herself and Beyoncé's social media presence was dwarfed the supernova that is Taylor Swift. Check out just how the top 10 panned out in the list below!

10. Taylor Swift's Pussy - 2.2 Million Likes

Real cat or unconvincing sock puppet? You decide!

9. Kendall Jenner Shares the Selfie Love Love - 2.2 Million Likes

She didn't even do it the right way round!

8. Taylor Swift's Dancing Pussy - 2.3 Million Likes

Taylor defines her cutesy brand in this saccharine sweet snap.

7. Selena Gomez + Sweater = 2.3 Million Likes

Who knew a grey sweater could send the world into such a frenzy.

6. Blue Snarly - 2.3 Million Likes

If I posed like this as a kid, I would have gotten told off. Blue Ivy gets 2.3 likes instead.

5. The Glammest Graduate - 2.3 Million Likes

Well, now I feel even worse about my high school pic. Cheers, Kylie!

4. Taylor Swift's Depressed Pussy - 2.4 Million Likes

I would be pulling this face if I had to live in a house with those stencilled details.

3. The Calorsaurus Rex - 2.5 Million Likes

Calvin is allowed to make a brief cameo.

2. Kanye 4 Taylor - 2.6 Million Likes

Just to prove that it's not the cats getting all the likes, Taylor posed alone.

1. Kendall Does Hippy Medusa - 3.2 Million Likes

<3 indeed.

(Source: Just Jared)


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