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10. Year Of Red

Who doesn't love the gendered color scheme?

9. Ninja Santa

This one is entirely cute. There's nothing more that could get children of the '90s more excited for christmas than a ninja turtle dressed up as Santa.

8. A Very White Christmas

This is a fave because it's just so traditionally christmassy.

7. Tuxedo Galore

Say hello to the Kardashian mafia.

6. America's Finest Family (with green furry shoulder pads)

America's leading family of the entertainment industry but also Kendal's green furry shoulder pads.

5. Confetti and Champagne!

This seems more apt for a new years card than a christmas one but it's festive all the same.

4. Jeans, Poses and Best Wishes

Something so cute and unpretentious about this one. Just a young Kardashian-Jenner family posing on the beach in their jeans. The Kardashians made a personal christmas card like the rest of us that year.

3. Bringing Biker Leather '90s style

The black bike, the black lab, the black leather, this was an early message to the world that you don't mess with the rising force of the Kardashians.

2. Kardashians Do Vegas For Xmas

This is a very extravagant and stylized picture but you can just keep staring at it for ages. Whether it's the illuminati symbolism, all of the neon colors or your fave Kardashian in a very eccentric pose, this christmas card stands out as one with a lot of detail.

1. Sentimental Throwback

You can almost imagine Kris Jenner sitting up by herself late at night on Christmas Eve, when the rest of the house has gone to bed holding a framed version of this photo and reminiscing about years gone by. There's something incredibly touching about the original Kardashian clan with their late father.

This takes the number 1 position for me because it conjures up all the feels.


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