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While The Walking Dead might have started as a comic book series, the TV version of the show has far eclipsed the source material in popularity. In fact, the show is now so popular that one talented artist has actually redrawn the episodes of the TV show in the style of comic book art!

Kirk Manley is responsible for some truly kickass pieces of art, and obviously his skills have been admired by some important people, as he even designed the posters for this weekend's Walker Stalker Con in New Jersey.

Take a look at some of Manley's work below which illustrates Season 6 of the show, but for more of his Walking Dead comic art be sure to have a look over here at his DeviantArt page.

Season 6, episode 1 - 'First Time Again'

Source: Kirk Manley
Source: Kirk Manley

I love that Manley combined the black and white of the flashbacks in the Season 6 premiere, with the color that indicated events happening in the present. You can see Daryl, Sasha and Abe at the bottom of the image leading the herd away, the road signs that were focused on when Rick laid out his ill-fated plan, as well as the green balloons which would make a reappearance in episode 7.

Season 6, episode 2 - 'JSS'

Source: Kirk Manley
Source: Kirk Manley

'JSS' revealed Enid's backstory and apocalypse motto: 'Just Survive Somehow,' so it would have been remiss not to include her blood-stained face at the top of the image, and that poor, ill-fated tortoise at the bottom. Carol in her Wolf disguise gets a big portion of the cover, and Jessie with her scissors sneak in next to her.

Season 6, episode 4 - 'Here's Not Here'

Source: Kirk Manley
Source: Kirk Manley

Episode 4 was entirely dedicated to Morgan and finding out where exactly he'd been since we last saw him in Season 3, episode 12. It turns out that Morgan holed up with the awesome Eastman, who taught him a whole new way of life thanks to aikido. I love that Manley has included Eastman's goat, Tabitha, in the cover. RIP Tabitha.

Season 6, episode 6 - 'Always Accountable'

This is the most recent art work of the Season 6 episodes that Manley has posted to his DeviantArt account, though hopefully he has some more coming in the future. 'Always Accountable' was all about Daryl, Sasha and Abe as they finished leading the herd away from Alexandria and were separated. Front and center we have Daryl doing battle with the mossy forest walker, who even had a cherokee rose sprouting from its back – a nice Season 2 callback for those who remember that episode when he gave one to Carol. Further below we have Sasha and Patty the fuel truck, Dwight and Sherry and, of course, Abe with his newly found RPG.

Source: io9 via Batmankm on DeviantArt


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