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“Turns out, mess with someone's head enough, you can turn a scared little kid into an all-powerful bitch.”

Subject Zero, also known as Jack, is the most powerful human Biotic alive. An advocate of all kinds of crime -- including murder and piracy -- Jack is an extreme badass who was kept in cryogenic stasis after she was caught.

I know exactly what you're thinking: can we see this awesome character brought to life by cosplayer, Anna Ormeli? Well you're in luck!

Have a look at Anna Ormeli's incredible Subject Zero cosplay!

1. Close-up

I'll admit, it helps that Ormeli kind of looks like Jack in the first place, but she's done an incredible job bringing the character to life!

The tattoos, the hairstyle, the costume even the facial expression is so on point.

2. Full-body shot

More of the tattoos are visible in this second shot. It's clear she put a lot of effort into preparation for this cosplay.

3. Full body shot

This final shot shows off even more of the costume. It's a great reinterpretation of the character. In fact, it looks as though she even mirrored the exact expression and body position of the character.

What do you think of Ormeli's portrayal of Subject Zero?

To see more of Anna Ormeli's check out Deviantart.

Source: Deviantart


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