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The wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 is certainly an arduous one. We've no idea what it'll feel like to control Sora in this highly anticipated sequel, or what kinds of Disney worlds and characters await us. However, according to a recent Game Informer magazine issue, in which Tetsuya Nomura spoke with Kimberley Wallace about Kingdom Hearts, we may be able to experience Kingdom Hearts 3 in another game.

A while back we received the rather surprising news that we weren't only getting Kingdom Hearts 3, but the ridiculously-titled Kingdom Hearts 2.8. In this interview, Nomura talks about this newly remastered collection of games (which features the fan-favorite Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance) and how it will feed into Kingdom Hearts 3.

Nomura On Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Gameplay & Its Insights On Kingdom Hearts 3

Rather than simply allowing fans to catch up on the story of the Kingdom Hearts series prior to the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3, the collection will actually give us an insight into what it'll be like to play KH3! Allegedly, the collection will introduce us to some of the systems that Square Enix are incorporating into the sequel:

"It's not necessarily for getting feedback, but more about letting people get a taste of Kingdom Hearts III through introducing a small part of the game system."
Kingdom Hearts 2.8
Kingdom Hearts 2.8

We're wondering whether Dream Drop Distance will also incorporate elements of Kingdom Hearts 3's design, seeing as the team have had a hard time transporting the gameplay of the 3DS onto the PS4. However, Nomura expressed excitement over Birth By Sleep 0.2, as this is where the connections are strongest. The game will also feature the same amount of gameplay as you would expect from a regular KH world - interesting.

In any case, Nomura stated that Birth By Sleep will give players "a glimpse into what Kingdom Hearts III will feel like" since this episode was created using "a portion of the developing environment used for Kingdom Hearts III."

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

So what can we expect? Does this mean that my most hated Kingdom Hearts game is now potentially the most exciting in this new collection? Apparently so! But what exactly does Nomura mean by the "developing environment?" Gamers are speculating that we could be having a little Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes type situation going on here. I can support that! Besides, if Kingdom Hearts 3 is anywhere near the level of quality that Kojima achieved with [Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain](tag:2683985), we're in for a treat!

Let us know what you think of this Kingdom Hearts 2.8 news in the comments below.


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