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Everyone's talking about the Batman v Superman trailer. But there is also the thought in the back of all our minds that DC revealed too much by showing Doomsday. Meanwhile, everyone seems to have put Marvel's Captain America: Civil War on the shelf for the time being, even though that trailer was released just last week. So who are the real losers here: Marvel for being eclipsed in the trailer game by the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel? Or DC, for having to reveal too much to one up Marvel?

Why Marvel lose

They've ruled the cinemas since 2008. Iron Man (coincidentally, released in the same year as The Dark Knight) set the ball rolling for the MCU and, despite a few hiccups, they've kept on top of their game. The Avengers obliterated all expectations in 2012, and with the popularity of Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ant Man surprising everybody, it's no surprise that Marvel Studios haven't had any competition. That is, until now. Marvel once again laid waste to the internet when the Captain America: Civil War trailer was released. No Spider-Man? No problem. Marvel did what Marvel do: deliver. The six second clip at the end of the trailer of Cap and Bucky vs Iron Man was all that anyone needed to be fully convinced to see this movie. Yet a week later, DC comes along with the second full trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. So why is this such a problem? Because not only did we get a shot of Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman that knocks Marvel's fight scene down a few pegs, but the Doomsday reveal caused a bigger reaction than anything in Marvel's trailer. Marvel lose round one of the trailer battle by being knocked into relative obscurity by DC's Trinity.

Why DC lose

One word: Doomsday. There was no need for DC to reveal Doomsday other than to try and best Marvel. And it worked. But it also backfired. If DC had settled for just an implication of Doomsday, just a hint that Luthor was creating something, then that would have sufficed. Show Zod's body going into the lab, but leave it at that. Then there could have been several outcomes as well as Doomsday: Zod resurrected, Luthor using Zod's body to find a weakness for Superman, or to synthesise Kryptonite. Just don't put your biggest reveal in a trailer, Terminator Genisys style. Marvel almost fell victim to this themselves by seemingly revealing too much the the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailers, but almost everything the revealed happened in the first 20 minutes. Admittedly, they should have left the 'circle shot' out of the trailer, but at least there wasn't a reveal on the level of Doomsday. Marvel can learn from this, and do what they should: keep Spider-Man away from the trailers. Round two goes to Marvel.

Who is the real loser?

It'll be hard to say before the movies come out. I'm a huge DC fan. Batman is my favourite comic book character. Which is why it pains me to say that, for now at least, Marvel have the edge. Yes, they've only released one trailer. But we still haven't seen Crossbones (properly, at least) or Baron Zemo. DC have already revealed their big villain. I still think Batman v Superman will be a great film, but Marvel's track record makes it hard to bet against Civil War being the film to beat next year. But we've got so much to look forward to, so it's not all bad, right?


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