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Baldwin Collins

After such media frenzy. i finally decided to write my review on 'SPECTRE'.

Having it's world-wide premiere in London England. on October 26' 2015 with such glamour and fanfare. it streamed live on the internet showing the world that Bond James Bond is truly British.

The British press critics had hinted much earlier on that this bond film is great.

But the bond theme song titled ''the writing's on the wall'' sung by Sam smith was released on September 26' 2015. And received with mixed reactions which in my opinion there wasn't anything wrong with the song. which i was judging it buy previously viewing the films Trailers. buy Listening to it a couple of times you realize the story is Being told through the song. What surprised me. The film opened in the united states the Following week November 6' 2015 with poorly received reviews by critics and fans alike. on it's first weekend release. what went wrong ?

As a bond fan not expert. I've been assessing what's good and Bad about ''spectre'' The Thomas Newman soundtrack for this film is wrong. he did better with ''Skyfall'' I will not go into the Plot of the film. just the situations in it.

The writers of the screenplay Cleverly implanted all the other three bond films of Daniel Craig's adversaries in the opening credits. the Mexican day of the dead action scenes we're far too long, It was good also seeing Ralph Fiennes as the new M head of MI-6 giving a brilliant and convincing performance.

After many weeks of speculation by Fans that Christoph waltz's character is the legendary bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofield Not Franz Oberhauer that waltz claims is his character. should be very Embarressing for the producers to see that the fan theory was right. Anyhow it was a welcome surprise and good performance by Christoph waltz. Naomie Harris as Eve moneypenny gave a brilliant performance. a much more relaxed character in the film. Ben Whisaw's return as MI-6 Quartermaster 'Q' had more to do in this film and the fans loved it.

Was the hiding of the special gadgets of the new bond car the DB10 from the media worth it ? No. the car chase action scene wasn't upto what i call bond standard. reason's Being. THE Jaguar C-X75 Driven by villain Mr Hinx wasn't no Competition in the chase scene. imagine a bond villain's car with no gadget's ?

Dave Bautista as Mr. Hinx gave an unforgettable performance in the Train fight But still Needed more screen time in other possible scenes.

Monica Bellucci as lucia sciarra also needed more screen time. her performance was limited but good. Lea Seydoux as Dr. madeleine swan wasn't convincing . She acted depressed before she even heard from bond that her father's dead. Jesper Christensen's return as Mr. white the fugitive wanted by MI-6 was a welcoming entry. After seeing him in two bond films we finally see who he really works for.

The action scenes in the Austrian Alps Between bond's aeroplane and Mr. Hinx's landrover was nicely done. great special effects.

I deliberately left out my opinion of Daniel Craig's performance in this film. every outing as James Bond. Daniel Craig's performances gets Better and Better. absolutely awesome. on every viewing i find myself leaving out the faults. when writing this review ''SPECTRE'' had grossed over $751 million dollars world-wide and still counting. in my opinion As a longtime bond fan the film pays homage to classic bond films and fans. A must see film by all fans.


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