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2015 is coming to an end and we've had quite the hectic and eventful year. Lot's of stuff happened, both good and bad. Usually Hollywood takes advantage of these films and turns them into movies: American Sniper, Concussion, etc. Most of the time these films be made with great effort and end up at the Oscars. Lets have a look at some films that could come about from 2015.

Paris Terror Attacks

Paris hand in hand.
Paris hand in hand.

On the evening of November 13th, the world stood hand in hand in utter shock at the events that unfolded in Paris when they were under attack from the extremist group, ISIS. It was the biggest terrorism attack in Europe since the 2004 Madrid bombings and the world was in total shock when the events unfolded.

So far I've heard numerous stories of pure heroism and bravery about those who died and those who survived in these brutal attacks. These stories are often paid homage through film. Films about 9/11 have done quite well and always received positive reaction from viewers. I personally would be open to hearing stories of those who acted as real life superheroes on that dreadful night. Of course it has to be said that time is needed to make this one. Families need time to heal and when the time is right then and only then would it be okay to make a tasteful film.

Same-Sex Legalisation

Same-sex marriage legalisation was one of the biggest steps in mankind's history earlier this year. I'm proud to say that my home country, Ireland, was the first to stand up and vote yes. For this to happen, people needed to come together as one and raise their voices for the better motive at hand.

Thankfully, faith in humanity was restored and this movement was a massive success for what should be a standard law anyway! We could get a fantastic film showing the struggles and eventual break-through of this inspiring story. I would totally watch it!

FIFA Scandal

Everybody loves to watch a good scandal and we need not look no further than Sepp Blatter, former FIFA president who was suspended due to corruption and disloyal payment.

I could see this film being a fantastic thriller that could be very dialogue-drive, with tons of boardroom scenes trying to get to the bottom of this shady organisation. Films like Concussion (Will Smith) touch on this sort of controversy and use it very well with a good cast.

Volkswagen Scandal

Speaking of scandals in 2015, you need not look further than the fall and corruption of one of the worlds leading car manufacturers, Volkswagen. They were found passing off extremely illegal emission rates that they have been hiding for numerous years.

Of course, tons of people weren't happy with being lied to for years. They're not only breaking the law in the process, but they're damaging the earth too which is the bigger problem. One has to wonder how they got away with it for so long and it's a good justice that they were finally caught. Already their worth and stock value has decreased, so they are really feeling the repercussions for what they did. Throw in a strong cast and you have a cool, slick film like the latest Brad Pitt movie, The Big Short. David O. Russell is a must in the directors seat.

Pope Francis Revolutionizing

For a long time, people have been criticizing Popes of the past, and rightfully so. Pope Francis has come in to the Vatican and changed so many old traditions and customs that are just dated and borderline unethical at this moment in time.

Pope Francis is an insanely humble and cool dude. I've seen pictures of him getting in selfies, which shows how down to earth he is. Awesomely enough, he's been featured on a Rolling Stones cover page with the 7,700 word editorial on him being called 'The Times They Are A-Changing'. If that wasn't bad-ass enough, in 2013 he auctioned his own Harley Davidson. No, you didn't read that wrong.

On a serious note, he really has brought about great change. Like taking away his super expensive throne and all the lavish clothes in favour of being part of the normal people.

Christopher Lee Biopic

This year we lost one of the greatest actors in our time. He has played numerous iconic roles like Dracula and Count Dooku. He also brought out a heavy metal album in his 90's. He really is one of the coolest dudes ever. Surely all his life moments won't squeeze in to one film, but that doesn't mean some things won't fit. A well done bio-pic of this legendary actor would be something I'd see in a heartbeat.


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