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One of the most famous sidekicks known would be Batman’s sidekick and ward Richard “Dick” Grayson. Being a young boy whose parents were murdered, he was taken under the wing of another man, whose parents died when he was young also and grew up to be the Dark Knight Batman. Protecting the city and taking care of a child was not an easy task, so young Dick Grayson found out about The Batman, Bruce Wayne’s identity. To this Bruce managed to take care and train young Grayson into being a great sidekick to fight crime. Thanks to the athletic skill young Robin, name chosen for Batman’s sidekick, was able to learn different fighting skills and techniques. He is able to speak many languages, and also learned a dozen of martial arts like Wing Chun, Karate and Aikido to name a few, that way he can communicate and defend himself. You could say that for being a sidekick he was also considered a great leader, him being the leader of the Teen Titans using skills Batman showed him. Thanks to his contact with other superheroes in the Justice League and also his involvement in Teen Titans he is able to be in communications with them, making his range to contact the other heroes at the same level as Batman or better. Who can say that a sidekick cannot become the hero? That is what Grayson did once he shed his sidekick persona and created Nightwing, but we are talking about sidekicks of course but we also could mention he became Batman on the alternative universe when Bruce was killed and Dick Grayson took upon himself to become Batman and Damian Wayne as Robin.

But that is not the case here and of course there have been many Robins from Richard “Dick” Grayson who we are mentioning in here, to Damian Wayne who is the last one to appear. But we are here to talk about Dick Grayson, who has been on TV, movies, games and comics more than any other Robin that has been mentioned. Johnny Duncan was the first to give the Boy Wonder a spot on TV with Batman and Robin TV series. Burt Ward then followed on the TV series Batman who then gave voice to the animated show. Chris O’Donnell followed up by being Grayson on the movies Batman Returns and then the most critically one Batman and Robin. Voices on animations and games from Loren Lester in Batman: The Animated Series and Nightwing on The New Batman Adventures to Jerry O’Connell on The Batman. Crawford Wilson did voice as Grayson on The Batman Brave and the Bold and many others. See he is the most used sidekick anywhere, so if he is not the most important sidekick in history, I don’t know who is?


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