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Nathaniel Rego

Silver St Cloud from the Fox series Gotham shall debut in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice. But, as the exact actress is playing her in the film as well as in Gotham, there are some errors in Superman V Batman trailer...

* Bizzaro resembles Doomsday who wont be appearing in the DCEU until Justice League Part 1: Fire from Olympus as its secondary villain. Maxie Zeus (Tim Allen) being the prime villain in Justice League Part 1 (2017).

* Jesse Eisenberg plays a unfit and poor role of Lex Luther. It should have been Arnold Vosloo or Vin Diesel.

* Joker's being easter egged somewhere in the movie.

* Darkside's flying minions appear in the dream scene of SvB although they do not appear until Justice League Part 2: Armies of Apocalypse debuting Darkside as that movie's main antagonist.

Watch Bizzaro battle Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in epic combat in Superman V Batman - Dawn of Justice, in theaters March 25 2016.


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