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Why wouldnt this be a great concept? I feel as though as you should bring back characters, based on Nightmares & Things that went Bump in the Night or in General Characters from Horror Movies.

My Idea's Includes Character & weapons of choice:

•Leatherface (Chainsaw & Butchers Knife an Hanging Hook's )

•Freddie Krueger (Hand Claw/ Skipping Rope)

•Ash (Evil Dead) (Chainsaw/ Double barrel Shot Gun/His real hand/The Necromancer Book Cast a Possession)

•Chuckie (Scissors/Piano Cord/Stanley Knife)

•Hannibal Lecture (Police Battern)

•Ghostface ( Hunting Knife)

•The Creeper "Jeepers Creepers" (Battle axes).

•Pennywise "IT" Could use ( Joke size Hammer/ Flower on costume Squirting Acid)

•Jigsaw (Saw) aka old man in robe....or the detective/Pig Face Costume??? As dlc there weapons change from hand gun to hand held traps aka Jaw Breaker.

•Victor Crowley (Hatchet) Just a barbarian destroys ppl with bare hands.

•Sam (Trick or Treat) Butchers Knifes, Solid Pumpkins.

•Captain Spalding (Hand Gun/Knives/Mini Bat)

•David (The Lost Boys) He's a Vampire a Cement cross Tombstone Style/Chain's

And three of my Favorites!

•Jack Torrence (The Shining) Typewriter/Baseball bat/Fire axe.

•Spawn (Chains/Massive Inventory/His Cape/Demonic Power).

•Duke Nukem (Massive Inventory/Plasma Rifle).

These are just some ideas I've had that i would love to see come to life as being able to be playable what does everyone think?

Have a great Christmas Everyone.


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