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Ever since its announcement earlier this year, Pokemon GO has captivated fans of this beloved franchise. Seriously, the idea of capturing Pokemon in the real world is something that could completely transform our lives. The last thing I need is an additional distraction on my phone...or is it?

But Pokemon GO isn't the only exciting portable game on the horizon. Nintendo are assuredly working on a new installment in the franchise; one that we've labelled Pokemon Z. The followup to Pokemon X and Y is sure to dazzle us all. But which of these games has you more excited?

Pokemon GO vs Pokemon Z

Pokemon Red & Blue
Pokemon Red & Blue

For starters, let's examine Pokemon GO. The trailer below is obviously supposed to instill hype in its viewer (it works), therefore, some of the sights on display are not indicative of the actual experience of playing Pokemon GO.

However, this augmented reality game will bring one of the biggest franchises of all time into our world. I'm anticipating seeing people waving their arms around in public as they desperately attempt to capture invisible creatures. All I can say is that I really hope this game receives its release date before I arrive in Japan in March of next year - though recent news may have already killed this dream.

Yep, this looks incredible. Though we still have our doubts about Pokemon GO, and whether it can succeed where other augmented reality games have failed. Perhaps we'll all be pleasantly surprised. But something which we have an enormous amount of faith in, is Pokemon Z.

We've already conceived some of the innovations that could make this one of the best Pokemon games of all time:

  • A new narrative, one which strays from everything that's come before it. If Pokemon Z has an untold story for us all to enjoy, it'll be worth checking out just for that.
  • Difficulty options. Even though Pokemon is aimed towards children, we know how many adults play this game. Therefore, we'd love to see more difficulty options at the beginning for those who like their games to challenge them.
  • Save files. Sweet Nintendo, we need more than one. It's madness.
  • More Post-Elite Four content! After we complete the ultimate challenge, we'd love for Pokemon Z to keep us playing with some new content to sink our teeth into.
Pokemon Z
Pokemon Z

But which of these games has your attention? Is an augmented reality Pokemon game everything that you've always wanted? Or are you simply looking forward to the next Pokemon game after X & Y? Let us know where you stand in the comments!


Which release date are you more excited for?


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