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If you're anything like me, Netflix has become the cornerstone of entertainment arsenal. Gone are the days of flipping through channels, now it's all about scrolling past plenty of decent content to find the most binge-worthy show possible.

As with any good thing, however, there will always be people out there who try to ruin it. Somewhat unsurprisingly, those people have flocked to the "Dark Web," the underbelly of the Internet, only accessible through special browsers that shield your IP address, where you can buy and sell drugs, weapons, and plenty of other seamy commodities and services.

Intel Security's vice president Raj Samani told Tech Insider:

We found pretty much everything possible available for sale [on the Dark Web]. Every possible service and every possible flavor you could think of was being made for sale.

Yet, the most perhaps the most sordid service available are cheap subscriptions to the most popular streaming services like Netflix, Spotify, and HBO. Why is this so bad, you ask? Because these could actually be your paid accounts that have been hacked with someone stealing your login information and selling it as a lifetime subscription.

Never fear, though! There is something you can do to check your account's status, and here's how.

Go to this website and check if your account has been breached

It may not send you a retro green and black message full of ones and zeroes, but this website will alert you right away if your account has compromised. On, you put in the email associated with your account, and you'll automatically get a result (and hopefully some peace of mind).

You can also set up an alert in case your email is breached at a later date, and the website will send you a notification sure to make your heart sink.

Even if you've shut down your account, you should still check if you've ever subscribed

Some marketplaces on the Dark Web are so committed to providing the product their customers want, they will steal credit card information along with account details to ensure that a compromised account stays active—even if you cancel it.

If you've been compromised, you have to go through technical support

If one of your subscription services (remember, this is the case for Spotify and many others, not just Netflix), you'll need to contact the company's technical support and deal with the problem together.

Hopefully, you're all in the clear because no one wants to endure hours on the phone waiting to get their own money back.

Don't ignore safety measures to ensure a secure account

I totally understand an all-consuming hate for passwords, especially when they need every combination of letter, number, and symbol under the sun. But, a strong and unique password is one of the most important ways to keep your data safe.

Additionally, don't skip the suggestions for two-step authentication. This feature requires a user to use a text message or other second form of credentials to access an account. It may seem like a pain in the neck, but it's one of the only ways to ensure you know exactly who's accessing your account.

Lastly, just be vigilant about where your personal information goes, lest you want some guy in a basement paying only $.50 for lifetime use of your Netflix account.

(Source: Tech Insider)


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