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If you're looking for the perfect Fallout 4 companion, look no further than the Brotherhood of Steel soldier, Paladin Danse. But if you're thinking that his standard grey X-01 power armor is a little boring, a modder going by the name of Trashlizard has the solution.

Although players have already found plenty of post-nuclear apocalypse Easter eggs and pop culture references, the Internet is currently Buzz-ing over an awesome Paladin Danse mod. Check out some of the results of Buzz Lightyear living in the year 2287.

This seemingly strange Toy Story/Fallout crossover can become yours by following a few instructions. First find Danse and set him as your companion, then simply equip him with the custom armor.

He's even got his red laser cannon! Unfortunately Fallout 4 doesn't have a mod to make him Mrs. Nesbitt at the moment, but there's always time.

To see a more comprehensive step-by-step guide courtesy of Trashlizard, be sure to visit their Nexus Mods page.

(Source: Nexus Mod, Trashlizard)


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