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Looks like Marvel hit another home run with Jessica Jones, scoring a rating of 8 or higher on imdb and ign. This follows their previous hit of Daredevil that got the momentum going for Jessica Jones this year, followed by Luke Cage next year. What Marvel has done is given fans characters that aren't like the Avengers. Netflix shows can be darker than the movies because they don't have to worry about the PG-13 rating. This opens the door for a plethora of other characters to make their way to Netflix as well.

Moon Knight

Keep the white suit.
Keep the white suit.

It's been said ad nauseam by me here that Moon Knight needs a show. He has all the qualities that makes for a great show. His character has a ton of layers (and personalities), his weapons are cool, his fighting style is brutal, and his supporting cast is just as messed up as he is. It's a clusterf*ck that makes Jessica Jones look like the pillar of mental health.

Moon Knight wouldn't necessarily need a main villain to be successful since his life and mental health is completely screwed up. The focus could solely be based on him getting his life together all while dealing with his different personalities and an Egyptian god of vengeance that keeps telling him to kill every two minutes. This wouldn't work if Khonshu wasn't so damn funny. Seeing him go "OH NO YOU DI'IN" while Moon Knight breaks a guys face is hilarious.

Talking down to Cap
Talking down to Cap

Keeping him in the white suit and not the body armor would work as well. It'll work better on screen and also make him look completely insane. Who fights crime in a three-piece all-white suit? Moon Knight does.


It doesn't matter if you start the story with his life during war time, when he left the armed forces and tried to start a new life. After his family dies, Frank Castle became the Punisher. Frank's story is just as good, if not better than Daredevil's. On the outside it may look like he's just a guy with a gun trying to kill a bunch of criminals, but there is way more to it. The planning, prep work after the planning, his interactions with his connections, and how the cops look at him. The story of Frank Castle is one that could be told for season upon season.

This pic sums him up
This pic sums him up

The only negative with a Punisher show is the lack of a main villain. Wilson Fisk and Kilgrave complimented the protagonist extremely well and fans of both Netflix shows will expect the same from Punisher. Here is the good news. The mob will hire anybody to take Castle out. Meaning the cursing, brutal, and n-word spouting Barracuda could be the way to go. 'Cuda doesn't have the smoothness of Fisk or Kilgrave, but what he does have is a very eccentric personality. People will not like him because he is a horrible human being, but they will enjoy him because he's funny, brutal and says whatever he wants. Also, Punisher and Elektra have a thing for each other. By thing, it means they bang a lot. If they have sex in Daredevil Season 2, don't be shocked.


Netflix would be the perfect place for Wesley Snipes to reprise his role as the Daywalker, Blade. It's been 17 years since the first Blade movie got the ball rolling with Marvel Comics's movies and 11 years since Blade Trinity. While a lot of time has gone by, Wesley Snipes doesn't look like he has aged a day. Which is perfect since Blade is immortal. Snipes plays the role of Blade just as well as Robert Downey Jr. does Tony Stark and Ryan Reynolds does Deadpool. Since Snipes already knows the character, him stepping in and doing a Netflix show would be a smooth transition.

When it comes to villains, all you need is some random named vampire that is controlling all of the vampire crime (what else is there to call it) in New York or wherever he happens to be fighting crime. Plus if he ends up in New York, there's no way Blade doesn't run into the Punisher. Punisher would of course be following a lead that would accidentally land him in a vampire nest. Punisher is just "lucky" that way.

Daughters of The Dragon

Seriously, who doesn't like watching two attractive [email protected]$$ women who are smart, cunning, and get paid to kick booty from one end of New York to the next? There aren't a lot of people who wouldn't enjoy that. Misty Knight is a former detective who had her arm blown off during a bomb attack while on duty as a police officer. She was given a new mechanical arm designed by Tony Stark. This story alone is enough to get the fans behind her. Colleen Wing, however, was raised by her grandfather who taught her the ways of the Samurai. The two characters together are smart alecks with great teamwork. This probably wouldn't be a show as dark as Daredevil or Jessica Jones, but it definitely be a very fun show.

Their villains could range from the Kingpin to Tiger Shark to some random no-name villain. The power of this show would be the heroes. Misty and Colleen are underrated characters that are good enough to carry the show without the need of a major villain. Misty's on-again off-again romantic relationship with Danny Rand (Iron Fist) could be a focus and both Daughters of the Dragon are friendly with Luke Cage. So it wouldn't be a shocker to see either hero for hire in the upcoming Defenders show as well as the Luke Cage show.

There are a few other people like Ghost Rider and Shang Chi that I may have left out. Let me know who else you think should get their own show on Netflix.

Take a look at the promo for Season 2 of Daredevil which arrives on Netflix this March.


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