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If you're as much of a space nerd as me, then you probably have wondered at one time "What could be the weirdest worlds out there?" or "I wonder how different worlds can truly be.." Let me tell you that there are some seriously weird ones out there and I am only giving you my personal opinions on the ones that really stick out to me.

  • Number 5: "TrES-4."This exoplanet (a planet that orbits a star outside our solar system) is the largest exoplanet ever discovered. It's 1.7 times the mass of Jupiter, and has the density of balsa wood. Yes I said balsa wood, but you can make your little airplanes out of this one. Theoretically this exoplanet shouldn't be able to exist when compared to current models of all planets/exoplanets. Not only is it the biggest, it is also the least dense ever discovered. In fact because of this the planet has a very weak pull on it's atmosphere and some of that escapes leaving a comet like tail in it's wake. Georgi Mandushev(a famous exoplanet scientist at Lowell Observatory) told "For its mass, it should be much smaller. It basically should be about the size of Jupiter and instead it's almost twice as big."
  • Number 4: "TrES-2b." This exoplanet is about the same size as Jupiter with just a tad few differences. The reason it made it on this list is because it's the darkest exoplanet known to man. It's so dark that it can be compared to coal, and the only reason we can see it is because of the heat of the planet gives it a low red glow. It's a mystery as to what makes the atmosphere so dark and black, but scientists believe it has to do with vaporized sodium and potassium or gaseous titanium oxide. These are light-absorbing chemicals but it still can't explain why the exoplanet is so dark. Not only that but the planet itself is a staggering 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. Try cooking your eggs on that sucker.
Artist's depiction of TrES-2b
Artist's depiction of TrES-2b
  • Number 3:"GJ 1214b." Also known as the "Water World" planet. Although astronomers are pretty certain the water exists, they don't know its state. They say that it can be ranging from liquid water to water ice or an exotic state called super-fluid. GJ 1214b is very close to it's star and normally a planet located at this distance would be so hot that any water on its surface would be in a vapor form. The reason it's not though is because scientists think the thick atmosphere of GJ 1214b creates a high pressure environment that keeps water on it's surface in a liquid state. Only problem with that is that there is so much pressure that it would be very, very difficult to be Kevin Costner on the surface.

Number 2: "WASP-12b" WASP-12b is the hottest known world to scientists, and reaches scorching temperatures of 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit(or 2,200 Celsius) Can you imagine that? Put your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and open it and imagine that times 10. This planet is a literal definition of hell and you probably would want to stick away from it. It's hard to imagine how hot this planet is I would say because we wouldn't even leave a spec of dust if we were on that planet. We would just be vaporized in less than a second. This world is only 2 million miles away from it's star, and when put into perspective it's going to die very soon.

Number 1: "HD 189733" This is one of those planets that you don't learn about in the textbooks. This exoplanet is so absurd that I put it at number one. HD 189733 is hardly friendly to anything on the surface. No only is it fairly hot, a mere 1,000 degrees Celsius. Or the fact that it's atmosphere is "bleeding" and getting smaller and it loses up to 1.3 billion lbs of atmosphere a second because of it's insanely large planetary atmosphere and it's radius to it's star.The craziest thing about this planet though just baffles me. This planets surface is insane, it rains molten glass, sideways, in howling 7000 kilometer-per-hour wind. Yeah, let's not go on this world anytime too soon.

I wont lie, HD 189733 is possibly very beautiful.
I wont lie, HD 189733 is possibly very beautiful.

With all of this in mind there are some seriously crazy exoplanets out there. I hope you all enjoyed this read as much as I enjoyed writing it and keep in mind most things that we see out in space is mainly theory. All of this information can likely change at any given time, but for now let's all just be glad we got the planet we got right? No glass in the face, melting, or Kevin Costner. Oh, wait..

Also, what world was your favorite? Do you have any crazy exoplanets to share?


Which exoplanet was your favorite?


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