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I hope they want to go with a cast younger than 33 years old, have like the characters at age of 21/22.

Colton Haynes as Han Solo

July 13,1988 (27 years old)

I think it's time to see the actor in a lead role, his new movie will come out soon called "Triumph", he had a little role in "San Andreas" and a lead role in "The Gates", "Teen Wolf" and "Arrow" That's why i would give him the lead.

Dylan O'Brien as Luke Skywalker

08/26/1991 (24 years old)

Liam Hemsworth as Darth Vader

01/13/1990 (25 Years old)

Selena Gomez as Leia Organa

07/22/1992 (23 Years old)

Zhenwei Wang as Obi Wan Kenobi

10/20/1995 (19 Years old)

Ansel Elgort as Boba Fett

03/14/1994 (21 Years old)

Leon Thomas III as Mace Windu

08/01/1993 (22 Years old)

Who i also would like to see in the movie are:

03/01/1994 (21 Years old)

I would love to see him in the movie, because i just want to give him a chance and the movie would get a lot of more attention (and it already has a lot of it)

02/10/1997 (18 Years old)

I want her to have a role that becomes bigger and bigger in the franchise. Because she's just an amazing movie star.

01/19/1992 (23 Years old)

I just think he's bad ass.


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