ByJosiah Ortiz, writer at

Ok, so here's the story. Apparently there were some rather disgruntled people working on the Batman vs. Superman when they found out Ben Affleck was going to play Batman.

Now imagine their surprise when they found out Batman is supposed to be gay. Now is there anything wrong with being gay? Well I'll leave that one up to you, however, there IS i repeat IS something wrong with trying to make someone who isn't gay, a gay character to push and agenda or ideal.

Anyway the people on the movie who were upset released some pages from the script to prove to us that this truly is the case. It is both sickening and upsetting. Not to mention Batman, last I checked, doesn't "choke up" and say things like "O Lex! What have you done!"

No Ben Affleck might, but that is the very reason nobody likes the bum. No BATMAN would narrow his eyes and disappear, but Hollywood wouldn't know that. So if this is how the movie is going to go, I for one am walking out.


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