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Oi, Hola, and Hello
Miguel Morales

This piece will be a living document, meaning I will continue to update it as I spend 100s of hours in the commonwealth.

Holy smokes, what a time suck. Fortunately, there are not too many games I am looking forward to until net year so like a good book, time to get lost this game's rich, and come to life world.

Interestingly enough, the world is so vast that it is easy to get side tracked and lose the sense of your progression since the main story isn't being moved along and I must of accomplished 30+ side quests.

Things I loved:

What a gorgeous world, filled with so many interesting local's and sights. I love exploring!

So many power armors, I must have found eight so far!

THings I would change:

1.Obviously, I would allow one to strip gun mods from weapons without replacing them with lower versions of the particular mod.

1a.Also, why not allow weapon mods to be changed between weapon types instead of particular weapons.

2.I do wish I had the ability to solve missions through diplomacy, instead of traditionally guns blazing.

3. Bring back the ability to combine weapons as a way to condense your carry load while improving the particular weapon (Similar to fallout 3 and NV).



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