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Since Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens was announced a few years back, there's been an overwhelming amount of hype surrounding the return of our famous ensemble of characters from the original trilogy of films, the likes of Luke Skywalker, General Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca and of course C-3PO and R2-D2. And for die hard fans from both generations of the trilogies we can say for sure it'll be exciting to see them back in action once more for yet another three films that are scheduled to be released in the future.

However, what I'm gradually warming up to is the inevitable fact that we're going to be introduced to a wide array of new characters, fresh actors who will reel in the new generation of Star Wars heroes and villains, and what a tough role to squeeze into after the success of the franchise so far, is undeniable that Star Wars houses one of the biggest fandoms in the world, and in that there have been a tonne of iconic characters that have hit the limelight, taking to action figures, standalone novels and comic books and even some discussions of their own line of films.

Naturally, actors and actresses such as Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Adam Driver have got a lot to live up to, and subsequently big shoes to fill. Initially, I think a lot of people were a bit uneasy by the fact that Disney had picked up the franchise from LucasFilm and were worried that perhaps the casting would be a bit off, or that the storytelling would be a bit childish... There was a tonne of people who had bad impressions of what might follow. But I think once J. J. Abrams got attached to the project things started falling into place, and in time to come various different actors were confirmed to be attached to the film. Every now and again I've checked in to see what's new and as of late I'm really starting to see something good developing here. And so this post will be bringing some of the newer actors and actresses characters into perspective, I'll try my best to give a solid review of their characters alongside them too.

John Boyega as Finn

We're perhaps looking at the protagonist of the new trilogy of Star Wars films here, although we aren't exactly sure of the role Finn will play in the new films a lot of fans have speculated a few theories. But from what we do know, Finn is a troubled character who was trained to become a Stormtrooper, a natural warrior in his own right. However, at some point during the timeline in which the film is based we see that Finn has some kind of revelation which leads him to cut his ties to the First Order and tries to flee, but in his attempt is shot down over the desert planet of Jakku, supposedly dead.

Personally, this rings bells to me being a Star Wars fan and it seems that the Force is calling to Finn, but for what reason? We aren't too sure of what the reason is yet. However this awakening hasn't gone unnoticed, it seems as Finn attempts to follow his destiny down a new path he will have the Knights of Ren on his tail. There have been a few interesting facts we've seen, such as Finn at some point in time comes into the possession of Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, the one originally forged by his father Anakin Skywalker. Could it be Finn's drive to try and find our long lost hero Luke Skywalker and learn the ways of the Force? We've seen a reoccurring theme of Luke Skywalker not appearing much during the teaser trailers and especially as he has been left out of the official poster... Could this emulate the fact that he is now but a hermit wandering alone on a distant planet?

Daisy Ridley as Rey

Before you read this little addition, I will be including content that may spoil your experience while watching the film, by no means are these confirmed spoilers, but be warned! Another major protagonist of the new trilogy of films to come is Rey. What do we know of Rey at the moment? In the teaser trailers we've seen that she's a scavenger, scaling through ruins leftover from the Battle of Jakku in the recent teaser trailers and TV spots. However, if she is who I think she is then we could very well be looking at the daughter of Han Solo and General Leia here, which a tonne of people have already speculated. If so, it may just turn out that she too is able to reach out and touch the Force, similar to her mother, who is a member of the Skywalker family.

If this is so, perhaps she is destined for big things in the course of the next few films. Possibly bigger than what most people anticipate... If my suspicions are correct then Rey could be just as important as Finn when it comes down to the resuscitation of the Jedi. And perhaps she could even be the one who brings an end to the reign of destruction woven by the Knights of Ren, by murdering Kylo Ren. Having said that, I doubt that will be done in Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens, don't forget we have two more films to come and a lot of story to cover. But in my eyes, she will a major contributor to bringing balance back to the Force, and back to the galaxy like her grandfather and uncle before her did. The only issue with this theory is that if she was the daughter of Han Solo and General Leia, why would she be living as a scavenger on Jakku?

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren

And here is a particular character that I'm very excited to learn more about, a new major antagonist of the trilogy to come. Kylo Ren from what we know is a Force strong individual who is a member of the Knights of Ren, now we aren't too sure of what these people are but I'd put my money on them being a dark sided cult, a reoccurring theme we Star Wars fans have known to come and go throughout the course of history. Typically a dark sided cult would have an idol, a Sith Lord who they follow and uphold their beliefs and philosophies, transcending even their demise. It would be fitting that the Knights of Ren were a cult established in honour of Darth Vader, which would explain Kylo Ren's obsession with finishing what he never could. Which could mean a few things in terms to what their goals are, could it be to track down any remnants of the Jedi Order and destroy them? The possibilities are endless. Although another problem with that theory is would they know of Vader seemingly redeeming himself during the last moments of his life saving his son from the dreaded Emperor?

There is a lot to pack into this character, and again the possibilities are endless. I've got a thought in mind of where the character could go, I speculate that Kylo Ren is in fact the son of Han Solo and General Leia, as it has already been confirmed that Ren isn't his surname, he merely adopted the name in honour of the Knights of Ren. Why would he do that? Perhaps to cover the fact that he is otherwise Kylo Solo, a prominent Force strong member of the Solo family who, through some reason was seduced and fell to the dark side of the Force. Perhaps this could extend his connection to Darth Vader, who is theoretically his grandfather. It seems that there are only two possibilities on how things can end with Kylo Ren, the first being that throughout the course of the upcoming trilogy he continues to portray an irreversible and twisted dark sider who eventually meets his demise at the hands of a new Jedi, or alternatively he is brought back to his senses and redeemed to the light side of the Force. I think the latter half is less likely to happen, though it all depends if they're willing to stretch his role out as the main antagonist through the course of all three films?

Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron

Another prominent character that we've seen introduced into the Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens is Poe Dameron, it's been rumoured that he was conceived at the climax of the Battle of Endor, his parents being part of the old Alliance to Restore the Republic. He is a member of Black Squadron and flies under the call sign of Black Leader while he supposedly commanded a squadron of T-70 X-wing fighters in the company of his loyal astromech droid, BB-8. There's been quite a bit of background development ensuing outside of the films in terms of this character, namely in the new chain of novels and comic books (first mentioned in Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure).

In the recent teaser trailers and TV spots we see Poe Dameron supposedly being interrogated by Kylo Ren, the Force strong using the addition of the Force to mentally torment his victim into telling him... Well, that's just it. What is it that Kylo Ren needs to know from Poe Dameron? The base of operations for the Resistance? Perhaps even the whereabouts of a certain somebody... Again, its impossible to tell the caliber of importance that these characters will have during the trilogy, but I've got a feeling that this particular character will bring a cool and edgy feel to the none Force sensitive band of characters, the character in general seems like something of a maverick and will no doubt be giving the First Order a hard time with his impressive piloting skill.

Domhnall Gleeson as General Hux

It seems like the franchise is going to be bringing that Imperialist feeling back to the mix with the First Order, and subsequently it's not uncommon that we're going to have some evil maniacs behind the scene. And this is where General Hux comes into play! Like his predecessors in the Galactic Empire, Hux holds high expectations with the First Order's military prowess, he has a lot of confidence in their training, methods and weaponry which is always a good sign for a raving lunatic to have. What's so important about this individual, you ask? I don't we'll know until the film is released but I can wager that from what we know, Hux is going to be playing a major antagonist in the film. He is the officer who is command of the Starkiller Base, a planet based headquarters for the First Order and the location of where their superweapon is housed.

The reason I hold Hux with such high esteem is that behind all of the controversial devastation of epic scale we've been so far in the teaser trailers and TV spots comes undoubtedly from this officer's command. Although we don't yet know exactly how powerful the Starkiller Base is, we've seen J. J. Abrams personally expressing the magnitude of power it packs, and it being known as a technological advancement since the Death Star. That being said, I think it's cool to say that Hux will be the bringer of a ruthless storm of destruction that will cripple planetary systems on a mass scale. Are we expecting another planet to be blown up? I certainly hope not, but we've seen landscapes being torn apart by an unknown source, supposedly it will be the superweapon. But for God's sake, please no more planetary demolition.

Andy Serkis as Snoke

Perhaps one of the characters that I've been most apprehensive about, but sadly this is a character that has been kept completely under the radar by J. J. Abrams, even to the extent of Andy Serkis himself not being too sure of who or what he is, I mean, in interviews he explains that he has an idea in his mind about what Snoke will look like, but even still, it's quite mysterious! Nevertheless, we do not a thing or two about this enigmatic character. Snoke is the Supreme Leader of the First Order, he is also a Force strong individual who is well versed in the dark side of the Force. From what Andy Serkis has personally stated, Snoke is a wise fellow, he is completely aware of what is going on at all times, he's aware of the past and the present and is not to be underestimated.

Personally? I have no idea about this character, which is what gravitates me to wanting to know more and more about him. Having said that, we do have three films confirmed and we all know how the top dogs usually work in these type of films, take Darth Sidious in Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace and Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones. For the most part we were left wondering if we'll ever get a good look at the character, or even get to know more about him through the course of the films. I believe that Snoke will be an elaborate character, one of much importance and perhaps one which might even out live the likes of Kylo Ren. From what Snoke has been described as so far, I could hazard a guess that he could possibly be a Muun. The species tends to tick the boxes of what Andy Serkis describes his character as, such as the height and the facial structure, and naturally if he's having to have a CGI face it could be quite plausible. Another question is what is Snoke's agenda? Why is it that he left the Sith out of the equation in terms of the First Order? Aside from Kylo Ren who isn't strictly completely affiliated to the political powerhouse, it seems he has severed all ties to the Force strong, which tends to ring a few bells in terms of what he might be trying to achieve... But I'll keep my mouth sealed about that.

Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma

When you speak about all the characters we've seen in our universe, its not uncommon for people to disregard the none Force sensitive out of the coolest characters in the universe, especially in terms of power and abilities that the individual may have. But when it comes down to badassery it seems like Captain Phasma is definitely going to have to be up there in the leaderboard. I'm pleased that J. J. Abrams has dedicated himself to bringing a balance between the characters, so it won't be all Sith and Jedi orientated, instead we'll have a nice equilibrium of different variations of characters and stories that are going to come together excellently.

We've been made aware that Captain Phasma will be the leader of either the Heavy Artillery Stormtroopers and Riot Control Stormtroopers. Aside from her impressive role in the military sect of the political powerhouse, there are some seriously awesome details about this character that screams out to me, namely her chrome looking Stormtrooper armour, we've seen her walk the walk in a few sequences in the teaser trailers and TV spots, but the question is can she talk the talk? I'm eager to see the combat prowess that this particular character has, no doubt she will be able to handle herself around other none Force sensitive characters, but most of all how will she deal with the Force strong? In the past we've seen other individuals such as Boba and Jango Fett combating the Jedi, but I mean... We all know what happened to both of those when it came down to confronting them. How will Captain Phasma differ as apposed to the rest of her kind? I can't wait to find out.


Although the character isn't portrayed by any given actor or actress, I thought that BB-8 deserved a place in this post, simply because each generation has to have its own droid counterpart? I mean, it would be rude for me to dismiss him... There, I said it! I wouldn't want to offend or upset anybody but I have seen a tonne of people scrapping over the gender of this particular droid, or whether he should have a gender at all? I find it all quite preposterous that people are arguing about this matter after all these years... Yes, droids in the Star Wars universe do have a default programming to define their genders, why? Because... Why not? It gives the character a lot more depth and an identifiable personality, its the future and I mean come on, artificial intelligence's are defined by a gender and so are androids in their own right.

Despite the droids slightly cute appearance, something seems to have stuck out for me like a sore thumb. People have been so focused on arguing about gender roles and the fact it will never replace R2-D2 that they haven't taken notice that the droid has got an owner, or a companion, whichever way you'd like to look at it. BB-8 belongs to Poe Dameron, a maverick pilot of the Resistance. But the question is then how the hell is little BB-8 on Jakku? We see throughout the majority of the teaser trailers and TV spots that the droid is following Rey around the desert world, while the only appearance we see of Poe Dameron is piloting his X-wing fighter or otherwise being scrutinised by Kylo Ren. Could it be that the sequence where we see Finn crash landing on Jakku be the result of an attack against the First Order? Leaving Poe Dameron captured, and somehow the droid fleeing and ending up on the desert planet alongside Finn. I have no idea, but what I do know is that I'd imagine BB-8 will tie Rey and Finn together with a later friendship with Poe Dameron.


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