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Have you been waiting since 1984 like me to have another awesome Horror/Comedy that takes place during Christmas? Well, have no fear (or a lot of fear depending on how you look at it), Krampus is the new holiday horror classic that we have been waiting for.

Here are 5 reasons why Krampus is the best holiday horror movie since Gremlins.

1. The movie features a hilariously dysfunctional family that we all can relate to.

Think Christmas Vacation meets Home Alone. You are introduced to the "normal" upper middle class family that has the out-of-towners over for the holiday. Well, the out-of-towners are the mom, Sarah's (Toni Colette) sister, brother-in-law and four kids that show up in a Hummer that literally shakes the neighborhood, and have brought their alcoholic Aunt Dorothy along as a surprise. Don't you love surprise guests during the holidays!?

2. There is a lesson behind all the madness in the movie and it's honestly pretty heart warming!

During this time of year people tend to forget what the holidays are really about. They get wrapped up in gift buying, Black Friday deals, and trying to put on the perfect "show" for estranged family. All the little boy Max wants is a normal Christmas, like he used to have, full of family bonding and love. That's not exactly what he gets, but without spoiling the movie, Max reveals how bad things can get when you lose sight of what really matters when it comes to family.

3. The monsters are terrifying and original.

You may never look at a jack in the box or a stuffed bear the same again. I went home and threw away all of the dolls in our house! Just kidding...sort of. It's a nod to Demonic Toys from 1992 but much more intense. The things that we see come alive during Krampus are truly straight from our nightmares.

4. The setting of the story is perfect.

The inside of the house is meticulously decorated from the tree ornaments, to the stockings along the fireplace, and the gingerbread house in the kitchen. Outside of the house is a picture perfect winter wonderland, like you are looking into a snow globe. That is until the evil elves and Krampus show up to wreak havoc, and turn everything that makes Christmas so pleasant, into something we fear. You can't even trust the snowmen or the cookies!

5. The ending was original.

So many movies, especially horror movies lately, lack imagination and are easily forgettable. Obviously, I can't tell you what happens, but just when I thought this movie was about to become a cliche, I was proven wrong...big time! I am pretty good at guessing the endings of movies but I did not see this one coming!

Will you be going to see Krampus this weekend?

Krampus hits theaters December 4, 2015!


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