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Oh Krampus, what a surprise you are, and in the greatest way possible! I was fortunate enough to catch an early screening of the new Christmas horror film Krampus. I walked in with no expectations, yet was extremely excited. From the trailers alone I knew I was in for a ride of Christmas cheer and dreadful scares. I wasn't sure how effective the dreadful scares would be, however I remained hopeful.

Krampus opens up as a normal holiday film, showing off the extremes people go through during the holiday season. However, once the main family of the film is introduced, things go left. The youngest boy decides to throw away his wish because of sudden doubt. The teen daughter of the family goes missing as well. This is when the chaos really begins. The family is cooped up in the house because a sudden snowstorm starts being hunted by creatures, elves, and misfit toys. They're all helpers of Krampus. Some decide to go search for the teen girl while others stay inside. No matter what they do, or where they go, they are chased, or snatched by his helpers or Krampus himself.

The grandma then begins to tell the story of Krampus, and how he visited her when she was younger because she had wished her family away. Krampus was the Christmas Devil and his job was not to give, but to take. Some of the family believes her while others don't. However it doesn't take long for Krampus to show up himself revealing his huge statue and cold demeanor. The end is quite a twist that I won't spoil in this article. However I was not expecting it at all.

Krampus while not terrifying was very entertaining. The play on all the old Christmas films was a lot of fun. From the family being as large and goofy as the family from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, to the misfit toys, to the Polar Express reveal, I was thrilled. And then to add a horror tone to it all made the film a lot of fun.

The actual look of Krampus is something I won't forget. He was extremely large, quiet, and sinister like. I was not expecting to see the actual face of Krampus, yet he was shown numerous times. The hooves, the claws, the extremely long tongue, all of his features were dreadful, and for that I was thankful. Also the theme of being careful what you wish for was very present. I enjoyed the theme because the tone is very holiday while still having a tinge of fright. I definitely look forward to purchasing this film and putting it in my collection of holiday horror films.

Make sure you catch Krampus in theaters December 4th! And remember Krampus is coming to town...


Will you be seeing Krampus in theaters this holiday season?


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