ByRowan Cruikshank, writer at
Rowan Cruikshank

Clearly there is a double standard, and even though as a gay man I find many of the photos (of men) in this article quite titillating, as a photographer and lover of art, I have always thought the female form beautiful, though I think it's unfair to compare Madonna's coffee table book with Miley's photo shoot for though Madanna did some suggestive things (very in fact) her photos are still well done and artistic whereas Miley seems to do everything she does for want of attention or to shock. Madonna clearly posed for her book willingly, choosing to use her sensual power as an adult woman and I think her photos do far more good for stereotypes than they do bad. She is reclaiming her sexuality; and she holds all the strength because of it. Miley comes off as a combination of a lost little girl and a VERY cheap prostitute. But no one was forcing her to take these photos, part of why many of these celebrities do what they do is to enhance their fame; any publicity being good publicity after all. As to the men causing less of a stir, I think part of that is that society is used to seeing men half dressed. Go to any college town in the spring, there are so many shirtless jock boys that it actually becomes just a sea of boring flesh. Where I live, women have the right to walk around shirtless, but I have never seen even one do it, I think if more of that type of thing were done, things would become far more balanced. For myself, I find suggestive photos far more alluring than graphic ones, and I have many straight male friends who would agree. We all have to remember that it's all flesh, all human and nothing we haven't seen many many times before. Perhaps when that occurs (if ever) the double standard that is involved with this article will finally disappear.


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