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Kurt Arthur

This is extremely risky to introduce not only a female teenager, but a Muslim in this time of extremists.

Yet Kamala Khan would be one of the only ways to introduce a Pakistani family in the comic world and for them not to be villians. Ms. Marvel is an inhuman who longs for Captain Marvel not politically correct wardrobe. So obviously she would have to be introduce after 2019 (fully explored introduction). It has taken this long for one of the most powerful women in Marvel to receive a solo movie, what chance does Ms. Khan?

Since she's an Inhuman, wouldn't it make sense to introduce her in the Inhuman? Yes and no. She could serve as conduit for the audience to the royal family. Yet this would cut down on screentime for her and she has an incredible origin. To see her struggling to fit in and be oh so human, is a treat to read. As Spider-Man grows older ( Tom Holland will be Spidey for what fifteen years) is less likely we see her in his movie, or Miles getting a solo movie. So.... She might have to settle for an ABC show after the Inhuman movie ( AOS just won't do, I like the show but she deserves better). She could date Robbie Reyes and kick it with Squirrel-Girl. ( She is not dark enough for Netflix.) She cannot be a fully formed superhero, without her origin. Let me just say the obvious and she needs a cameo in Captain Marvel. The brains at Marvel would be idiots not to have a brave young woman looking up to her to in some capacity. This is tricky because how long can you keep her sidelined without the red flags? This a very tricky cameo in Captain Marvel and her own show a couple years later. ( AOS will be long gone from memories.) Please let me know what you think!


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